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Why use Because only is the no.1 advertising platform that help international businesses succeed in China.

Our guiding principles

We aim to make it as easy as possible for international businesses to grow and succeed in China, by building the no.1 multi-channel advertising platform that companies and agencies can use to reach their customers in China.  


Transparent product pricing, service process, and campaign results.


Boost efficiency by managing cross-channel campaigns in one platform.


Advertise on 10+ China's largest channels and reach 1+ billion people.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Ad management

Manage campaigns across 10+ channels in one platform

Have a clear overview of all your ad campaigns in China, and monitor all your ad spending in one dashboard.

Byte Dance
Baidu Display
Tencent News
Tencent Video
Baidu Search

Ad reporting

Analyse campaigns across multiple channels in one dashboard

View campaign data across 10+ channels in one place, analyse campaigns results on different levels, and export campaign reports in a few clicks.

Ad creation

Create and publish campaigns on 10+ channels in one place

Start advertising on China's top channels in minutes, and increase your efficiency with multichannel platform.

Keyword research

Find the best Baidu keywords for your website in China

Find keywords that you can easily rank for on Baidu, and build keyword lists for your Baidu search campaigns.

Audience research

See the audience you can reach in China with advertising

Discover how big is your audience size in China, and find out where to reach your audience in China.

Ad spend planning

Know what kind of ROI you can expect from your ads

Find out how much it costs to advertise in China, and discover how to best spend your ad budget in China.

Service marketplace

Buy supporting services directly in marketplace

Get supporting services such as opening ad account, building landing page, registering Chinese website, set up payment method, etc. directly from Marketplace, at transparent cost.

Start advertising in China today.

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