4 Best Weibo Campaign Examples To Inspire You

weibo campaign examples
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    Social media platforms are powerful marketing tools. Can you think of a single big brand name without a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok? Neither can we.

    And it’s no different in China.

    Granted, China has its own selection of social media platforms. But they offer many of the same marketing opportunities as more familiar social networks in the west.

    Weibo is one of the most popular. It’s effectively the Twitter of China and boasts 550 million active users per month. So it’s no surprise that both Chinese and international brands use their Weibo content to successfully drive sales and brand awareness.

    Read on to discover a number of Weibo marketing case studies and some inspiration for your own Weibo campaigns.

    4 Best Weibo Marketing Campaign Examples

    Weibo Campaign Example #1 Hollywood Universal Studios

    Hollywood Universal Studios run a number of theme parks and attractions around the world. Universal Studios Beijing is scheduled to open in August 2021.

    The campaign

    Hollywood Universal Studios chose to run a repost campaign back in 2019.

    This type of campaign works in the same way as a Facebook or Instagram contest. Users are asked to follow an account, share a post or tag their friends in order to enter a draw. After a designated time, a winner is drawn at random with the help of the Weibo lottery tool.

    In this particular Weibo campaign, Hollywood Universal Studios asked users to follow the brand’s Weibo account and to repost a specified Weibo post. Doing so allowed them to enter a competition to win an iPhone 11.

    The campaign ran for around a month before one lucky user was announced as the winner.

    Campaign results

    Hollywood Universal Studios’ most recent repost campaign post received over 11,000 shares and over 13,000 comments.

    The takeaway

    Maximize your likes, shares and comments by launching contests for Weibo users.

    Weibo Campaign Example #2 Tourism New Zealand

    Tourism New Zealand is an agency responsible for promoting New Zealand as a tourist destination.  

    The campaign

    Building on previous Weibo marketing success working with award-winning Chinese actress Yao Chen, Tourism New Zealand collaborated with Huang Lei, another prominent Chinese celebrity.

    As part of the campaign, Huang Lei and his family spent eight days traveling around the south island of New Zealand.

    During his vacation, Lei posted Weibo content to his account six times and used a specific campaign hashtag in his posts.

    Campaign results

    Huang Lei’s New Zealand posts received 592,000 likes. Users viewed the hashtag over 1.6 million times.

    But the campaign’s success didn’t stop there. Huang Lei’s tour of New Zealand prompted no less than 530 media articles. This was invaluable coverage that didn’t cost Tourism New Zealand any more of their marketing budget.   

    The takeaway

    Chinese celebrities have huge Weibo followings. Use them to promote your brand for you.

    Weibo Campaign Example #3 Max Factor

    Max Factor is a world-famous cosmetics brand, founded in the USA in 1909.

    The campaign

    Max Factor chose to work with Weibo KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) on this particular Weibo campaign. KOLs are social media influencers – non-celebrities with a large number of very loyal followers.

    For this campaign, Max Factor harnessed the marketing power of three KOLs prominent in the beauty and cosmetics sphere. They were Mr. Kevin (@Kevin凯文老师), Youlina (@优里娜) and makeup artist MK (@化妆师MK).

    These KOLs were asked to produce promotional videos for Max Factor, demonstrating a particular product and giving their recommendations. Videos were posted to the Weibo page of each KOL.

    Campaign results

    Max Factor’s promotional videos, produced in collaboration with KOLs, were posted to millions of followers. Videos for this campaign got 1.7 million views.

    The takeaway

    It isn’t just Chinese celebrities who have the power to influence their followers. Use KOLs specific to your industry to create Weibo content. They’ll build trust in your brand and your products in the process.

    Weibo Campaign Example #4 International Watch Co. (IWC)

    IWC, also known as IWC Schaffhausen, is a luxury watch brand based in Switzerland. The company has been in operation since 1868.

    The campaign

    In 2019, IWC ran a campaign based around China’s Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival). This is the second most important holiday in China after Chinese New Year.

    As part of The Most Stunning Moon campaign, IWC asked Weibo users to follow the brand’s page and share a photo of the moon along with a caption.

    The three best photos were declared winners and users were given a surprise Mid-Autumn Festival gift.

    Campaign results

    At the time of the campaign, IWC’s Weibo page had under 40,000 followers. That figure now stands at over 200,000.

    By using a range of Weibo campaign strategies and demonstrating awareness of Chinese culture and traditions, IWC is using Weibo to great effect.

    The takeaway

    Posting promotional content on Weibo will only get you so far. Show users that you care about the same things they do to really engage them.

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