How To Use WeChat Web? This Guide Has You Covered (With Screenshots) 

You are using WeChat and WeChat Group for your business and getting a lot of benefits from it. But do you know that you can use WeChat Web? You can go from touchscreen to big screen! 

Once set up, you can WeChat with your colleagues directly on your desktop through the WeChat Web. WeChat Web is available for all WeChat users on iOS, Android, and Windows. Of course, you can also communicate with your colleagues, manage your team, and transfer large files through WeChat Web! 

WeChat Web

WeChat is the most popular app in China, and it’s, without a doubt, the Super App in China. It’s used for instant messaging and so much more! For example, if you have WeChat Pay, you literally don’t have to carry any cash in China. WeChat Pay is the easiest way for foreigners living in China to send and receive money. 

Simple comparison—an American user might require up to 20+ apps to satisfy their app needs, but a Chinese user only needs WeChat.  

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WeChat is described as a Swiss army knife super app that seemingly does everything. It allows users to pre-order food delivery, order taxis, buy movie tickets, play games, check in for flights, book doctor’s appointments, pay bills, listen to music, read news, shop online, meet random people nearby, and the list goes on. 

Although WeChat has terrific, user-friendly, and various functions for iOS and Android smartphones, you need to use WeChat on your computer a lot of times. So, here comes the WeChat Web. 

Want to know how to use WeChat Web (微信网页版)? With this quick and easy guide, we’ll show you the steps to systematically use the WeChat web (in minutes!) on your PC or Mac.


  • What is WeChat web? 
  • Why use WeChat web? 
  • How to use WeChat web? 
  • How to use WeChat Web for business? 

What is WeChat web?

 It is still the WeChat that you are familiar with! WeChat Web is a web version of the mobile app. Once connected, you can access all the messages you have on your phone and continue chatting with your contacts.  

WeChat Web for Windows

WeChat’s core function is around instant messaging that allows users to send text and voice messages to their contacts. It was released as a mobile application back in 2011. Since then, it has grown into China’s most popular social media app. Later on, a new way to access WeChat with WeChat Web was developed to make it more convenient for its users. This web version provides users easy access to their WeChat account and all its messages in their web browsers. With this, you can see all your chats on a bigger screen, but you will also have access to a physical keyboard which makes typing much more efficient.

Why use WeChat web?  

WeChat Web looks similar to the mobile app version, but it’s on a bigger screen. It’s easier for you to view your contact lists and messages. A great way to work and serve business purposes. You don’t need to pick up your phone every time you get a message through the web version. Furthermore, you can use a physical keyboard when chatting, making typing messages more manageable and efficient.

Besides the convenience of a bigger screen and physical keyboard, WeChat Web lets you transfer files and chat from your computer. With this, you can have a backup of all your conversation history. It also makes it much more trouble-free for you to send large files from your computer to your contacts.

How to use WeChat web? 

Step by step—How do I use WeChat for PC or Mac?

Step 1: Download 

Download the latest version of WeChat for Windows or Mac at, and install it. 

WeChat Web for Windows
WeChat for Mac

Step 2: Start WeChat App 

Start your WeChat app on your mobile device as you’d normally use your WeChat app version.

Step 3: Scan QR Code and Login

You need to scan the QR Code on your mobile with the following steps: After opening WeChat for Windows/Mac on PC, you then scan the QR code by opening WeChat on your mobile, pressing “+” on the top right corner, and then scan. Afterward, confirm your login.

WeChat Web QR code

Step 4: Leave Open Your WeChat App 

You are online to use WeChat Web! Don’t forget to leave your WeChat app open on your mobile.

How to use WeChat Web for business? 

When managing a team working on multiple projects or liaising with a remote team across different time zones, WeChat Web can definitely help! WebChat Web offers an efficient option for users who wish to continue chatting while working on their computers. Through the WeChat Web, there is no switching between your computer and your mobile phone to check messages. Transferring files, especially large-size files, to your team members can be a challenge. And WeChat Web allows you to do so easily and quickly.

Key points that WeChat Web can help with your business:

  • Has the easy access to chat with your contacts
  • Allows you to view all your conversations in your web browser
  • Has all the functionalities of the mobile WeChat app
  • Gives users the option to transfer files is your partner of choice to succeed in the China market

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