WeChat Customer Service

Having trouble with your WeChat? Whether you’re struggling to log in, having technical difficulties, or need to make changes to your account, you’ll want to get in touch with WeChat customer service. 

We know it can be tricky to find these contact details and know which ones are legit and will get you through to someone who can help. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the contact information for WeChat customer service that you’ll need. 

The WeChat Help Center

Before you do anything, we’d recommend taking a look at the WeChat Help Center. 

There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers, such as ‘How do I unblock my account?’ or ‘How do I add someone to a group chat?’ 

If you find your question or problem here, you might be able to solve it a lot quicker than if you were to try to get in touch with a customer service representative.

You can search the FAQs and filter according to whether you have an iOS device or an Android. 

Here, you’ll also find specific links for if you are:

You can use the feedback form linked above to seek further assistance if you have been unable to resolve your problem via the FAQs. 

Let’s go into a little more detail on filling out the feedback form!

Wechat feedback/help form

Though the term feedback usually refers to ‘after the fact’, Wechat offers this feedback form as a way of reaching out regarding a problem that you’re facing with their platform. 

Step 1 – the problem

In this step, you’ll be describing either your questions, problems or suggestions for ways in which they could improve their app or services. 

Wechat then asks you to specify which platform you’re using – whether it’s a Mac, Windows PC, android, iOS or more – as it could have something to do with the issue. 

They then ask you to specify which region you’re in – at which point you’ll select the country from which you’re currently trying to access Wechat. 

It allows you to upload a screenshot of the issue too, so that you can show your problem and be really clear about the help that you need. 

Step 2 – your contact details

The next part of the form requires you to provide your contact details, so that the Wechat customer service team can get back in touch with you to resolve your query. 

You can provide either your Wechat ID or the cell phone number linked to your account, along with your preferred email address. They’ll then ask you whether you’d prefer to be contacted by email or WeChat. Unfortunately, they don’t give you the option to be contacted by a phone. 

WeChat is likely to be a quicker, more immediate response than email. So if you’re in a rush and are able to access your account, we’d suggest selecting WeChat!


If you have a particular grievance that you’d like to take up with Wechat support, they’ve provided specific contact details for their Grievance Officer:

Ms. Elizabeth Byun

Head of Legal and Compliance

Level 29, Three Pacific Place, No.1 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Email contacts

There are various contact emails for specific requirements, which we’ve listed for you below:

According to GetHuman, it takes the Wechat customer service team an average of three hours to get back to you with a response. However, the replies can take anywhere from one day to a week. Their prime time for responding is normally at 9:30am. 

WeChat phone number

It doesn’t appear that Wechat has made a customer service telephone helpline available. It seems that the best way to get in touch with them would be either through email or through the feedback form linked above. 

How can you contact WeChat customer service from other countries?

As we mentioned above, the feedback form allows you to select which country you’re in. 

There are tonnes of countries on the list in alphabetical order. But before you start scrolling, the United States is placed at the top of the list for convenience.

The website only appears to offer two main language options: English or Chinese (traditional). 

Get in touch

This article has provided you with the means of getting in touch with the Wechat customer service team depending on your reasons. Now it’s time for you to do so! 

If you’re still struggling to get a response, you could try submitting your request to GetHuman. They’re not affiliated with WeChat customer care, but they are a free service that shares the best ways for getting a hold of customer services.

Good luck with your inquiry!

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