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Advertising on WeChat has never been easier. Set up your first WeChat ad with AdChina.io, the all-in-one advertising platform for China, and bring your brand to the right people, today.

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Why you should advertise on WeChat.

Massive User Base

Whoever you wish to target in the Chinese market, they are already a WeChat user.

Billion Monthly Users
Minutes Spent/Day

Incredible Engagement

WeChat Moments on average gets browsed 10 times a day by a user, making it an extremely effective space for advertisers.

Mind-Blowing Purchasing Power

Gathering the richest population of China, WeChat is a platform that no advertisers want to miss out on.

Million Transactions/Day

Yet how much do you know about WeChat advertising?

Clueless where to start?

Unsure how it works?

Worried about the cost?

Considering using an agency?

Lack of trust

Low transparency

High cost

AdChina.io makes it easy for you to advertise on WeChat.

Easy Setup. Granular Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

You are in control.

With AdChina.io, you are in control of your WeChat ads, from planning your campaigns, setting them up in our easy-to-use platform, to measuring the results. We make it possible for everyone to run WeChat ads themselves. Get your WeChat Official Account set up today to target users and drive traffic.

Click here to see how to create a WeChat Moments ad in AdChina.io.

Take control over your WeChat advertising

Engage the right people.

Don’t  waste precious ad budget on irrelevant target audiences anymore. With AdChina.io’s granular targeting for WeChat advertising, you save money by speaking to only the right people, whether it’s through their geographic and demographic information, or their interests and behaviours. 

Gather your learnings.

Want to know which segments have the best response to your ads? You no longer need to wait for weeks to receive a semi-transparent report from your agency. Just click in to the reporting dashboard and track your ad performance in real time. Use the learnings to optimise your ads for better results and higher ROI.

Advertise in China on the AdChina.io platform

Reach your future customers on WeChat

Are you one of these industries? AdChina.io can help you reach your customers with WeChat digital advertising.

Some of the customers trusting AdChina.io:

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