Guide To Tencent Video Marketing 2022

As of early May, Liu Keng-hung, a 49-year-old fitness trainer who had only 20,000 viewers for his videos before the lockdowns in some cities in China, has over 60 million followers on China’s mainstream video platforms. And the followers continue to grow.

Liu Keng-hung living in Shanghai has become a huge hit on China’s mainstream video platforms as China goes through Covid-19 prevention lockdowns. Photo credit: SCMP composite

Top China video marketing platforms are Douyin (Chinese TikTok), Bilibili, Kuaishou, Xigua video, Huoshan video, Youku, and iQiyi. Video-streaming platforms are super powerful for marketing and advertising for international brands. Among these platforms, Tencent video is China’s second-largest video-streaming platform that you cannot miss!  

Tencent video: 

Tencent video at a glance 

Tencent Video is China’s second-largest video-streaming platform. It includes a variety of categories of online videos. The most popular categories on the platform include Chinese TV shows, China celebrities’ reality shows, and China-made animation shows. And original content on Tencent video accounts for over 65%. 

Leading online video platforms in China in January 2022 (in million monthly unique visitors). Source: Statista

The Tencent-owned platform competes fiercely with Baidu-owned iQIYI for the title to be China’s number one. Here are some statistics of Tencent video that you can’t overlook: 

  • Mobile monthly active users: 1.268 billion (as of March 2022)
  • VIP subscribers: 123 million
  • World ranking: 4th largest streaming service in the world (after Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+)
  • Targeted demographic: Long-form content consumers who are particularly fond of soap drama and movies
  • Suitable for: advertisers, international businesses, content marketers

Can a foreign business set up a Tencent video account?

Now you know that you can reach millions of consumers on Tencent video. As an international brand, you must be wondering if a foreign business can set up a Tencent video account.

The simple answer is yes! And is here to help you achieve it seamlessly. 

Due to Tencent video’s popularity in China, it’s widely used as an advertising platform. Your brand should take advantage of this platform! Let’s get started with the simple steps below: 

Step 1: Sign up for a Tencent ad account with a China-registered phone number, a QQ number, or log in with your WeChat account.

Step 2: If you run into any questions, get in touch with the team for a consultation. has helped hundreds of brands reach the China market. To see how can help you get started with advertising on top channels hassle-free create a free account today.

Can I use Tencent video outside of China?

Tencent video is a Chinese video streaming service owned by Tencent. It’s one of China’s biggest online video entertainment platforms, which only people in China have access to. You can quickly get to Tencent video through a VPN service if you are outside China. It unblocks location restrictions, and you can watch whatever and no matter where you are. You can stream Tencent video after installing a VPN outside China on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Here is how you use a VPN to unblock Tencent video when you are outside of China:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider 
  2. Download and install the VPN
  3. Connect to a Hong Kong or China server
  4. Enjoy watching all the shows and programs on Tencent video
Tencent Video

Is Tencent video and WeTV the same?

No, they are not. WeTV is the international version of Tencent video. It’s aimed to provide a variety of genres of English subbed Chinese series, reality shows, and anime.

WeTV, the international version of Tencent video: 

Marketing and advertising on Tencent video

Set up a Tencent video account for video content marketing

In China, online video is not just loved by consumers but has also become a vital tool to market to your targeted audiences.

You might already know that Chinese social media is entirely different from what’s happening outside of China. And the same rule applies to video platforms.

There is no Netflix or YouTube in China. Instead, there are Youku, Tencent video, and iQiyi. Owned by Tencent, the creator of WeChat and QQ, the Tencent video app is in the top 10 most downloaded mobile apps in the country. It’s one of the most prominent online video platforms in China. And it’s the only platform that connects with WeChat, the world’s largest social media app. WeChat official account users can embed Tencent videos in their articles. So if you want to share with a greater audience in China through video format, you should set up your Tencent video account as soon as possible.

Tencent video marketing and advertising 

Tencent video is one of the leading video streaming platforms in China. The platform has everything from short video clips to movies and reality TV shows. It’s so sought-after and considered the combination of Netflix and YouTube. It is a great marketing and advertising platform for international brands to showcase their products and services to a broad audience. 

Marketing campaigns and advertisements appear in entertainment traffic, reaching users (your current and potential customers) accurately and precisely. Tencent video offers different video lengths and spaces, so you can find a video ad to fit your needs. So, you can tailor your marketing and advertising efforts according to your budget. 

Here are three ways of advertising on Tencent video for you to think about: 

1. Brand promotion advertising

A splash ad appears as a picture or video during the application launch or transitional page.

2. App promotion advertising

Before the Tencent video content begins, the App promotion ads appear as short videos. 

3. Product promotion advertising

Product promotions mostly appear in the “recommended for you” section at the bottom of the playback page.

Talk to our experts today for more information on launching the perfect marketing campaign and advertising that suits your brand! 

Further to Tencent video marketing, want to learn more about Tencent advertising? Here is a guide for you. And you can schedule a demo or try it for free on our platform! 

Achieve your advertising goals with Tencent Video

Advertising on Tencent Video has never been easier with, the all-in-one advertising platform for China, and bring your app to the right people, today.

As one of the top video platforms in China, Tencent Video’s abundant show library and its connection with WeChat makes it both an extremely engaging platform for users and an incredibly attractive channels for advertisers. We can help you to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote a product or service
  • Promote an online or physical store
  • Promote an event or exhibition
  • Promote an app or software
  • Promote education programmes
  • Attract more tourists
Tencent video ads

Reach millions with Tencent video marketing

Tencent video advertising means you are spreading your advertising net wide, but you’re also spreading it over the right people. Tencent’s algorithms help you reach millions of people who fit that description when you have a defined target audience. Innovative platforms like the Tencent DSP make sure you hit the target you’re aiming for. 

The right company can help you put together a highly effective ad campaign for Tencent video. When you work with us, you get that plus the ability to launch your ads from a platform entirely in English.

We hope this Tencent video marketing guide clarifies what it takes to get started on the channel. Set up a demo with our sales team to determine whether a Tencent advertising campaign is a good fit for your organization.

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