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China’s search engine of choice, Baidu dominates the market claiming about 70% of market share. If you look at the pie chart below, it’s not hard to see why Baidu should be on the top of your list of channels to advertise on. Apart from paid search, Baidu also offers other advertising options in the form of in-feed and display ads. 

baidu market share in china

If you’re still unsure of Baidu as a channel, check out our guide to advertising on Baidu, that’ll give you a clear idea about first steps. But if you’re ready to start, let’s dive in!

Why use Baidu In-feed ads

In-feed ads display on Baidu’s mobile site, browser, and news system (Baidu Tieba). Given the overwhelming number of Chinese internet users on mobile, you can take advantage of this to advertise your business in China.

Since these ads follow the look and feel of organic posts, they are effective in grabbing the attention of your audience.

Steps to create a Baidu account and start advertising:

Step 1: Create a Baidu account

  • Login to your account at
  • Translate the page into English (you may need to do this on every single page throughout the process. Thankfully it’s very easy to do with the plugin you installed earlier.
baidu in-feed ad account

Step 2: Create Baidu in-feed ad

  • Once logged in, you’ll want to click the enter button shown in this screenshot to go through to the in-feed ads area.
create baidu in-feed ad
  • Now you’re at the dashboard for in-feed ads. Click the highlighted blue-button New plan to create a new Baidu in-feed ad.
baidu in-feed ad planning

Step 3: Set up your ad objective and budget

  • Next, you’ll need to set up your ad. Give it a descriptive Plan name and choose your objective.  
    1. Finally set the budget, date, and period, and Budget allocation settings for your ad. Click Save and continue when done.
baidu in-feed ad objective and budget set up
  • On the next page you’ll need to create the Unit name, where your business is registered, and delivery information. This just refers to the placement of your ads, and you have the option to customise and select the most appropriate options for your target audience. Selection must be set to overseas or Chinese-owned for your business, the Translate plugin will help you select the right setting.
  • Under Orientation settings, choose your target audience criteria or load up a previous audience. As always, pick the options that are strategically most appropriate
  • As you scroll down to the bidding section, you have all the usual options. Note that bidding is optimised for both CPM and CPC on Baidu which would deliver ads more cost-effectively as they’ll be served to optimal users.
  • You can also choose to optimise from Interest, Intentional word (keyword), or Creative, it might be worth split-testing to see whether any of these options yield better results. Click Save and continue.
baidu in-feed ad targeting options

Step 4: Brand name, URL tracking and more

  • The first section, Creative way is another targeting setting. Programmatic settings are best left automated unless you’ve got experience with customisation.
  • Add your Brand name and User avatar (strangely, Baidu does not pull these from your existing account), and choose whether you’d like to monitor clicks with URL tracking.
  • Then you simply need to set up your ad. Name it, give it a Title and Subtitle and attach your image(s).
baidu in-feed ad set up
  • Once finished, click Submit review and your ad will go to the Baidu team for a manual review. This normally takes about 1 business day, after which your Baidu in-feed ad will be live!

Congrats on setting up your first Baidu in-feed ad! 

If it sounded like a pain to struggle through, you’re not alone. Native advertising on Baidu is hard to navigate.

See how easy it is to set up ads on below and discover how simple it is to take control of your Baidu marketing in China.

A Step-by-step Guide on How To Setup Baidu In-feed ad With 

You don’t have to battle with the native platform to run Baidu ads. We’ve created to get around this struggle.

To create your free account, simply go to, enter your email address and create a password. Confirm your email and you’re up and running. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to get an ad up and running on Baidu Feed!

Step 1: Set campaign objective

  • Login to the DSP and click + New Campaign button on the right side of the screen. 
  • Select Baidu Feed, then choose your ad type based on the number/size of your image(s).
  • Your logo and name are automatically pulled from your account, so now it’s time to Choose your Objective. For example: In case of mobile apps, that’s most likely an App Install, so you’ll want to copy your app’s ID from China’s iOS app store (or your app on one of the Android stores). Your ID is the number sequence after ‘id’ at the end of the URL, see green underline here:
iOS app store
  • Give your Campaign an accurate name, then click Save & Next

Step 2: Set up your campaign targeting

  • The next thing you’ll see is the main ad screen, where you’ll select your audience targeting, add your creatives (and any text in Chinese), and finally handle the payment / bidding for your campaign.
baidu in-feed advertising with
  • Under Locations, you can select individual cities, or select all within particular tiers. There’s also an option to target non-mainland regions of China, as well as overseas users.
    Select the best criteria for your mobile app: Age, Gender, Education, Device OS, and Network.
  • You have a considerable number of options within the Interests section to target precisely the ideal type of gamer — if you’re advertising a game (see targeting section below).
  • Next, select your choices under Marital Status. Remember to think it through — if you put the Age from 30-45, but select College Student under the Work Attribute, your ad will have very low reach and views. Be sure to approach it logically.
    Tip: Save your audience for future reference!

Step 3: Add your ad creatives

  • Drag and Drop your creative(s) into the upload box. Add text (Note: This has to be in Chinese in order to get ad approved)  if your ad includes text — be sure to get it translated by a professional — or at least a native speaker! Pro tip: Every subscription on includes a certain amount of translation from English to Chinese. Take advantage of that if you don’t have in-house staff to write the ad text.
  • Under the Flight and Bid section, set the start and end date. Choosing Continuously means your ad will run until you switch it off. That setting is great because you can stop it any time, or leave it running if it’s more effective than you anticipated.
    Note: See the tips section below for another reason why this setting makes sense.
  • If you’d like your ad to run at certain times of the day, or on particular days of the week, you can set those under Schedule. Remember, just because you can schedule ads doesn’t mean you have to — use it if it makes sense.
  • Set the Bid type as you would on Facebook, Google and other channels. You can choose between CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and CPC (cost per click through to the store page for your app). Click Save & Next when everything’s set.

Step 4: Add budget and submit campaign

  • Finally ensure your account has sufficient funds, and set a daily expense limit for your campaign. Depending on your budget and your CPC/CPM you can set a cap on advertising expenses. 
baidu in-feed ad budget on
  • If you want to leave your campaign running for as long as it is effective, set a Daily limit you’re comfortable with. If you have a defined end date, you can select either Daily or Total Budget Limit. You should know that campaigns can’t be adjusted in most circumstances on the fly once they’re running in China. To ensure they comply with regulations, they need to be reviewed, so most learnings are based on campaigns set to run for a set length. Two exceptions to this include stopping campaigns set to ‘Continuous’ and adjusting budgets, which most platforms still allow while campaigns are running.
  • Once you click Submit, your ad will be sent to the team for a review, and then to the channel who reviews it before it goes live. Usually, it takes 1 business day to go live after you’ve submitted.

And voila! Your Baidu in-feed ad will soon be ready to run. also supports other leading platforms in China. Make advertising in China easy using our platform.

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