Learnings From Thailand’s Leading Builder’s Success With Chinese Real Estate Buyers

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    When talking about successful real estate companies in Asia, a name that stands out is Sansiri. They are one of the largest real estate developers in Thailand offering a full range of housing units. 

    With over 32 years of experience in developing hundreds of projects all over Thailand, including two hotels and a residential property in London, this Thailand real estate developer is widely viewed as Thailand’s leading developer of quality homes, luxury condos and townhouses.

    Chinese real estate buyers take a lot of interest in Thailand’s property market due to overall affordability, large Chinese community and attractive returns on investments. Sansiri has leveraged this interest of Chinese investors to grow their business.

    They started with understanding the key reasons Chinese investors take interest in Thailand.

    Why Sansiri (Thailand’s Leading Developer) Is Able To Attract Chinese Real Estate Buyers

    1. Affordability

    Thailand properties are priced much lower compared to China and have less complicated sales-purchase conditions. The cost of living is also lower, and the overall quality of life is good with beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and world-class medical facilities. Thailand’s luxuries are affordable for the Chinese middle class.

    2. Large Chinese Community

    Ethnic Chinese make up 10 to 14 percent of the population of Thailand, or around 6 million to 9 million people. This makes Thailand world’s largest Chinese diaspora outside of China. Its culture and cuisine is similar to China, making it easy for Chinese people to feel comfortable living there. A lot of Chinese restaurants, stores and salons have also opened up there.

    Snapshot from AdChina Baidu Keyword Research Tool for Thailand Real Estate Keywords

    3. High Returns On Investment

    Thai properties give 5-8 % in rental yields per annum, as compared to China’s overall average of around 2% – making Thailand an attractive destination for Chinese to invest in. On top of that, Thailand also offers investors freehold ownership while China works predominantly on the leasehold model. This provides buyers with an added incentive.

    How Sansiri (Thailand’s Leading Developer) Attracts Chinese Real Estate Buyers

    Chinese investors are reported to rank third in terms of property purchase inquiries in Thailand. These figures are only set to rise over the next decade with more Chinese investments boosting the Thai economy considerably, especially in the real estate sector. But to make the best of this opportunity, real estate companies need a marketing strategy to target Chinese real estate buyers. Here’s what we can learn from Sansiri.

    1. Chinese Website Is A Must

    Sansiri has a Chinese website with a Chinese domain name and ICP license which makes user experience from China very smooth. Having a high-performing Chinese website is essential if you want to take advantage of getting the targeted organic traffic of interested buyers. Chinese search engines like Baidu prioritise sites that are fast-loading and entirely in Chinese language.

    The AdChina.io Operation Team offers a range of services for international businesses around build Chinese websites, ranging from website hosting, ICP filing to HTTPs certificate and landing page creation. We can help you find the service that will better your success in the China market.

    2. WeChat Content Marketing That Relates With Buyers

    Sansiri maintains consistent activity on its WeChat Official Account. They have an average number of 2000 to 2500 reads per post, which is very impressive. It’s possible that they advertise on WeChat to get more visibility for their content.

    The content they create is aimed not only at showing and describing property, but about culture of lifestyle in Thailand. For example, why it’s a good place for retirement or benefits of local schools. They also post videos to showcase their properties.

    3. Educate Buyers On Weibo

    Sansiri is also active on Weibo (https://www.weibo.com/SansiriPLC) where is has about 20,000+ followers. On Weibo Sansiri focuses more on data, news and regulations about industry and real estate in Thailand. This informations is very valuable for existing or potential investors.

    Reach more Chinese property investors today.

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