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Drive online
and in-store sales

Massive opportunities in China's retail market.

trillion dollars

overall retail sales

billion dollars

e-commerce sales

billion dollars

cross border e-commerce sales

Top retail categories
in China.

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Mother & Baby




Home appliance


Engage buyers at every stage of their journey,
from discovery to purchase.


Drive brand and product awareness, and build anticipation for new launches by reaching the 1.1 billion people with


Find more buyers and leads with our granular targeting options, grow your fan base, and develop deeper customer relationships.


Increase sales by communicating with buyers at each stage of the journey, from online spaces to physical stores. makes it easy for you to reach Chinese consumers.

Easy Setup. Granular Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

Reach future customers on top Chinese channels.

With, you can reach the majority of Chinese consumers, all within our full-English platform designed specifically for international users.

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Acquire more buyers with precise targeting.

Whether you need to reach  a very specific audience, or find your true fans in China,’s niche targeting options enables you to speak directly to your future customers, and learn more about their interests and behaviours.

Increase sales and achieve higher ROI.

Want to know who’s craving for your products in China? With our advanced reporting dashboard, you can identify the most engaged audiences, scale top performing campaigns, and achieve the highest ROI.

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Don't have a point of sale in China yet?
You might have some of these questions.

Where to sell?

Should I sell online, in a physical store, or start with a popup shop?

How to get set up?

How does e-commerce work in China? What's needed to sell offline?

How to brand in China?

How can I adapt my brand to the Chinese market, and attract Chinese consumers?

because we can help 🙂 for retail

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Find out how can help you increase online and in-store sales in the Chinese market.

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