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Get a complete view of your Ad campaigns performance in China. Anytime, anywhere.

Cut through the noise with real-time data from the reporting system.

View campaign data from across 12+ channels in one dashboard. Control campaign performance, spend and ROI across different channels.

Don’t navigate your China marketing blindfolded.

Book a personalized Demo and uncover the data you need to improve your ROI in China.

Stay informed and make data-driven decisions for your Chinese Ad campaigns.

Save time by viewing all your campaign data in one place

You can finally gather your campaign data in one place without jumping from platform to platform in China. You’ll save hours each week by analyzing the information you need with ease.

Compare campaign performance to make better decisions.

Understand what is and isn’t working to optimize your campaigns. Compare campaigns from different channels with each other and see which is more effective for your business - or whether it might be worth expanding into new platforms altogether!

Get instant and precise insights into your campaign performance.

You’ll constantly access your advertising data from top advertising channels in real time. The data is easy to understand with visualized charts, maps, and tables.

Experienced Chinese Marketers Have Your Back

Need a hand to kickstart your campaigns in China? Our team will optimize your campaigns, giving you complete visibility on every dollar spent. You can decide to take over the campaigns anytime. 

Worried about how well your campaigns are performing in China?

Connect with our reporting tool and embrace a data-driven approach. Be confident that your campaigns run in the most effective way.

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