Case Study: How a university increased its Chinese student enrollment

attract chinese students to your university - adchina case study

Looking to advertise to students in China? has got you covered. 

We’ve helped some of the world’s leading universities attract Chinese students with advertising strategies that seriously deliver. 


By giving them access to an all-in-one platform that lets them target students on the best and most relevant platforms in China with ads that tick all the right boxes. 

But how do we do that, exactly?

Read on for a case study that’ll do all the explaining for us — because, after all, actions do speak louder than words. 

The background

A year ago, joined forces with a leading international university that wanted to increase its Chinese student enrollment. 

The university was established in 1905, had over 2000 staff members, and had already enrolled around 2500 international students. 

Despite that, Chinese intake was not where they wanted it to be, which brings us to why they needed our help. 

The challenge

Before working with, the university was attracting Chinese students organically — without any paid advertising. 

This was holding them back from achieving their goals, as they didn’t have a big enough brand in China to generate organic leads. 

As a result, their pre-existing WeChat account struggled to take off, and COVID-19 had made attracting Chinese students even trickier. 

That’s why they decided to launch a virtual student fair aimed specifically at Chinese students — to cut through the noise, and to directly invite them to make an application. 

But without any knowledge on how to advertise in China, targeting and attracting those students proved challenging. 

And that’s where came in… 

Realizing that they needed help, the university set out to find an advertising partner to help them run ad campaigns in China. 

And for that, ticked all the right boxes. 

Our all-in-one platform lets brands run, track and optimize adverts across each of the main advertising channels in China — in one central place, and in English, too.

We also prioritize transparency from the start, offering comprehensive reporting features that can be accessed by our clients whenever they need them. 

This appealed to the university, since they wanted to be able to monitor campaign performance at the drop of a hat. 

They also wanted to run ads on their own in the future, too, which is what the platform is designed to make possible. We’re not an external agency — we set brands up with the tools they need, and let them lead the way. 

But how did we help the university, exactly?

How helped

First things first, we started with a month of in-depth campaign planning and worked with the university to build an advertising strategy to promote their virtual fair. 

To do this, we reviewed each marketing channel in China, analyzed its users, and pinpointed which would be the best platform to advertise to students in China. 

Alongside this, we also conducted extensive keyword research and content planning to understand where the opportunities would be to reach students, and what kind of content would deliver the right results. 

This culminated in strategies for two main platforms:

  1. First, we aimed to improve the university’s reach on WeChat. To do that, we ran targeted display ads on the platform (promoting the university’s virtual fair) and started posting on their WeChat official account to interact with students and build brand awareness. 
  1. Secondly, we launched a targeted Baidu ad campaign using our platform to reach students and parents in key cities interested in studying abroad. We did this with search and display advertising that appeared alongside the relevant keywords. 

Take a look at the below screenshot for an insight into what the dashboard looks like:

baidu advertising platform for chinese student enrollment

And what were the results?

Thanks to our WeChat strategy, the university was able to fully book its virtual student fair far quicker than expected — making it their first successful event of its kind. 

The university has also reported a large increase in prospectus downloads from Chinese students. They’re now working with us to expand to other channels with 

With our help, we are confident that the university will meet its target for Chinese student enrolment — despite the difficulties of the past year. 

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