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Yvonne LauYahoo! Finance
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China’s billionaires want to flee the country, and take $60 billion of wealth with them on their way out
Liz LuckingMansion Global
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Buyers from Hong Kong and mainland China now represent the largest group of international investors in London’s luxury residential real estate market.
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Dubai property market hits new highs as Chinese investors return.


of international buyer transactions priced above £1 million in London were from Chinese investors


was invested by Chinese buyers in Australian real estate market during the 12 months to June 2021


 higher transaction volume in 2021 among Chinese investors in Dubai compares to 2020.

Complete lead-generation solution for Real Estate

"It takes a marketing platform and an experienced team of specialists to build a solution that meets ROI goals in the real estate industry. The first key element is a customer journey designed with Chinese investors in mind. Then we need to keep real-estate agency CMOs and managers in the loop regarding campaign performance data."
Henrik Saetre
Head of Growth GoDigitalChina

How will take you from Ad View to buying negotiations

Reach, convince and convert property buyers from China Platform

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  • Generate English reports to prove your results. Experts’ Team

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  • Setup landing pages localized to Chinese real estate investors.
  • Let buyers experience your property value with live streams and interactive mini-apps.

Real Estate Agency

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  • Set up sales meetings with people who attended the webinar.
  • Connect & answer your customers’ questions on the WeChat official account.

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Recommended Channels

Leverage power of the biggest search engine in China to target buyers who are actively looking for real estate investments abroad with Baidu Search Ads. Drive traffic to your dedicated landing page or localized version of the website and convert it into high-quality leads!

Break through the noise, and grab the attention of Chinese buyers with Douyin Ads. Let your potential buyers get a taste of life in your property with immersive videos hosted on the Douyin (TikTok) platform that are guaranteed not only to draw attention from across China – they’ll also to guide them straight towards your landing page.

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Last year Chinese buyers invested $6.1Bn in US real estate market alone. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.