Weekly Wrap Q&A with Jie

In this week’s session of the Weekly Wrap, Jay takes on questions about the reliability and accuracy of Chinese ad channel data, plus the biggest China advertising myths 🐉

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Speakers this week

Jie Zhang

CEO & Cofounder, AdChina.io

Brad Matthews

Growth Marketer, AdChina.io


[Brad] Hello and welcome everyone to the first ad China weekly rep with Jie, our CEO And co-founder, I’ve got a couple of questions here for you. So let’s dive in.

The first question is how do I know whether the data I get from the Chinese channels is reliable and accurate?

[Jie] If you’re getting it manually, no, you don’t know that actually, because we actually had a few, incidents, when we were doing it, manually, and also from our customers, their own experience as well previously, when they are running campaigns in China.

And that happens, I mean, all over the place, it’s not only a unique or China. So that’s also part of the reason why we decided to.

Ultimately our campaign running and management, via direct API is connected to the media channels in China. What we can guarantee is that, that part of the data creation and analytics is correct, from our platform.

Or let’s say from the API of the of the media channels directly into the reports and the analysis charts on the diagrams of the dashboard of our customers. So, on it’s near real time as well.

[Brad] Nice. That answers that.

And what would you say are the biggest myths when it comes to advertising in China?

Actually in 2015, at that time, it was, it was, the biggest headache was actually from our point of view. Basically two things. One is transparency and the other one is efficiency on the transparency side. I think, we talked about the data verification and so on.

That’s one problem because too many things are done manually. When our customers are hiring, agencies in China to run their campaigns, that leaves a lot of rooms for manual error and also other manual manipulation basically.

Another thing is the efficiency, because of the industry it’s a lot of layers of agencies in between when a customer hires someone.

And then in the end only, Actually less than half of the campaign budgets are going to the media buying and that is severely damaging the return on investment of the customers. And also that creates a lot of room for lack of transparency.

So you see these two things are actually becoming, a kind of a spiral, magnifying each other as, it becomes a bigger problem. So those are the two things that we’re trying to address with our AdChina.io and of course, China.

Also manage to solve the third problem, which is which is multichannel.

Those in China – there are many channels. And then you try to make it possible to test out all of them, in a very low cost and the risk so that you can iterate and improve and find out which channel works the best for what you’re trying to sell.

[Brad] Yeah. Thanks Jay.

Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Thanks for your time. And your thoughtful responses. Have a great weekend and see you next week.

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