Weekly Wrap Q&A with Jie

How much does it cost to try things out, run some tests, and get started in China’s ecommerce market in 2021?
Setting up a Baidu account — Is it easy to do?

Find out the answers in this week’s Weekly Wrap Q&A with Jay as he responds to this week’s top questions.

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Speakers this week

Jie Zhang

CEO & Cofounder, AdChina.io

Brad Matthews

Growth Marketer, AdChina.io


[Brad] Hello, again, time for the China weekly rep with Jie, our CEO and co-founder. Let’s jump straight into the questions for this week. First question is:

I’m in the e-commerce market and I have a fairly tight budget, not entirely sure whether China is a market that I can succeed in, but I’d at least like to try it out and see what will it cost roughly to start.

[Jie] If it’s an e-commerce, I’m only talking about, what do you call it? The, the marketing related costs, with the AdChina.io platform. I mean the initial budget can be down to hundreds of dollars basically. The initial budget that you can play with and especially for this company, we want to find out the product fit in the market.

It’s perfect. Then you know from our point of view instead of launching a market survey, you should actually try to sell your product. And see because it’s digital marketing, you see the behavior of the visitors all along all the way. How many are interested in what kind of messages?

Then how many are actually catching, checking out and then how many are in the end actually buying? And then, hopefully you can fulfill some orders with your existing products and also some simple, temporary logistics solutions.

That would be, my suggestion to, start with, for any small, e-commerce retail, brands, budget.

[Brad] Test what works, if you get traction, then scale it up. Makes a lot of sense. All right. And the second question:

One thing that’s worked well for my company in traditional markets is Google ads. I hit add china.io is now getting into Baidu SEM, search advertising. How long does it take to set up a Baidu account? And is that difficult to do?

[Jie] It depends, on different industries, but in general, we can, set up accounts for a customer in a couple of weeks, basically. For some industries, for some specific customers, it can go down to even less than one week, as long as the documentation is complete and accepted by Baidu.

That’s basically how complicated it is, but in general, because of the internet regulations in China, they do ask for more documents compared to setting up an account on Google.

[Brad] Definitely. Okay.

Awesome. Well, that’s all the time we have for this week. Thanks, Che bye for now and see you again next time.

[Jie] Thank you. Bye.

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