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Decide where to run your ad.

Click on the channels to see which ad placements are available, also the corresponding creative formats, impressions, and ad examples. 

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Tencent Video

Tencent News

QQ advertising

Mobile QQ


Baidu Advertising



Xigua Video




QQ Music

Choose where your ad should lead to.

Decide where you want your ads to drive traffic to, it can be a website, an online store, or a mobile app.

Select your audience.

Reduce wasted ad budget by targeting the right people based on their demographics,  interests and behaviours.

 Demographic targeting:

Digital targeting:

Psychographic targeting:

Go as granular as you need with targeting.

Whether you are looking for football fans, mothers with newborns, or construction engineers, you’ll find them here. 

Want to connect with tourists? Mobile gamers? Women into organic skincare? You can reach them all with niche targeting.

Upload your creatives and copywriting.

Upload your images according to the format requirements, and input your ad copy. Or visit Creative Library to use something you’ve created before.

Need help with Chinese ad copy or creative? Contact us for assistance.

Set your schedule and bid.

Select the time period during which you want your ads to run, and set your CPM bid within the platform.

Decide your budget limit.

Select the time period during which you want your ads to run, and set your CPM bid.

Review and confirm your ad, and Voilà!

When you submit your ad, it will be reviewed by our platform and the channels before it goes live. This usually takes less than one business day.

View your ad performance.

When your ad is running, you can track the performance in the reporting dashboard, where the data is updated every 30 seconds. 

See if one version of your ad is working better than another, or if one audience segment is delivery better than another, and gather learnings for next campaign.

In audience report, you can also check which location, age and gender groups your customers are from, and use these insights for future campaigns targeting.

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An All-in-one solution for advertising in China.

10 channels, 1 platform

Choose any plan, you immediately get access to 10 top Chinese media channels.

100% English platform

International advertisers can easily create ads and read reports all by themselves.

Friendly user interface

We've simplified the complex processes for you. It's easy to use and intuitive.

Powerful targeting

Our granular targeting options allow you to reach any audience in the market.

Cross-channel reporting

Access reports from different channels in one place. Easily compare the results.

Supported localisation

Localisation service for your ad creatives and copies is included in all the plans.

Transparent pricing

We embrace transparent pricing for both our platform and any additional services.

Scam prevention

Linking to only premium media channels, we reduce the risk of scam traffic.

One stop shop for brands

Find additional services you might need to get started in our marketplace.

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