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$0/m -
  • No access to advertising
  • Keyword research 5/day
  • Bulk keyword research 5/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 3/day
  • Audience research 3/day


$49/m -
  • No access to advertising
  • Keyword research 500/day
  • Bulk keyword research 500/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 250/day
  • Audience research 250/day


$59/m + 20% ad spend
  • Advertise on all channels
  • Keyword research 800/day
  • Bulk keyword research 800/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 350/day
  • Audience research 350/day


$99/m + 12.5% ad spend
  • Advertise on all channels
  • Keyword research 1,200/day
  • Bulk keyword research 1,200/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 450/day
  • Audience research 450/day


$349/m + 10% ad spend
  • Advertise on all channels
  • Keyword research 1,500/day
  • Bulk keyword research 1,500/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Audience research 600/day
  • Ad spend planner 600/day
  • API export of reports


$699/m + 7.5% ad spend
  • Advertise on all channels
  • Keyword research 2,000/day
  • Bulk keyword research 2,000/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 800/day
  • Audience research 800/day
  • API export of reports

Enterprise Plan

Let’s create a custom solution to fit the marketing needs of your business.

Expert support


Available for purchase for all plans.

Frequently asked questions

It mainly depends on your advertising budget. To choose the best fitting plan, we recommend you to calculate your monthly cost using your estimated monthly ad budget. If you are unsure about your budget, please contact us for help.

No matter which plan you choose, you can purchase expert support priced by hour from us.

We support payment through Paypal, Stripe, and for larger transactions, we also accept bank transfer and invoice.

Cancellation policy:

You may cancel your subscription at any time. You may only cancel once in 30 days. To cancel your service, please go to Subscription page and click “Get Started” on the Research Free plan. Cancellation will take effect at the end of the pre-paid period.

Upgrade and Downgrade Policy

You may upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. (You may only downgrade once in 30 days.)

If you upgrade in-between billing cycles:
  • When upgrading your plan in the middle of a billing cycle, will use pro-rata billing. ( divides the total price of a plan by the days in the month to get your “daily price”.)
  • Your account will not be charged the full amount of the plan that you upgraded. Instead, you will be charged from the day you made the changes through the end of your current billing cycle.
  • The full price of the plan selected will be charged in the following billing cycle.
  • When upgrading to a higher paid plan, we will calculate how many days you have left in the old plan and subtract that from the pro-rata bill that is calculated for your new plan.
If you downgrade in-between billing cycles:
  • When downgrading your plan in the middle of a billing cycle, it will remain on the plan originally selected until the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Once the new billing cycle begins, you will no longer be charged for the older plan. This includes our monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Yes! Our Enterprise plan is 100% flexible to suit your most unique marketing needs. Please contact us to discuss further details.


If the Chinese market is important to your business, advertising on top Chinese media channels is the best way to reach your Chinese customers. With, you will be able to reach your Chinese audience  on 6 of the top Chinese channels, learn about them through powerful yet easy-to-understand reports, and ultimately succeed in the China market.

Whichever industry your business is in, you will be able to use to reach your goals, whether that’s driving more sales to your online or offline store, driving more app or software downloads, increase bookings to your hotel or scenic spot.

1 seat is included in the plans. If you’d like to increase number of seats, please reach out to us.

In order to start running ads on, you will need to create advertising account on the selected channels. We offer account set up for different channels at a transparent and fixed cost to help you get started easily. Sign up to see the pricing of account setup in the Marketplace.

It varies depending on which channels you want to advertise on, however, a good rule of thumb is that you should have a budget of at least $1000.

The pricing is made up of two parts, one part is fixed platform fee, and the other is a percentage of your monthly advertising spend on the platform.

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