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Find the best Baidu keywords for your website in China.

Empower your SEO and PPC in China with Baidu keyword research tools.

Real time Baidu database

All the data are real time, and pulled directly from Baidu database.

Accurate search volume

Pick your keywords based on accurate historical data from Baidu.

Your potential in China

Discover how many people in China are searching for your products.

"The best Baidu keyword research tool we've used. The interface is simple and intuitive. The search volumes are accurate and reliable. It provides everything we need for our Baidu SEO and PPC campaigns."
Juan S.
Head of Marketing

Key capabilities of Baidu Keyword Research Tools

#1 Baidu Keyword Research Tool. Conduct Baidu keyword research in simple English platform. See historical search volumes, keyword competition level, and keyword price on Baidu.

Baidu Keyword Research

Type in any keyword and get hundreds of related keyword suggestions instantly, together with their historical search volume on different devices, recommended CPC, and competition score on Baidu.

Baidu Bulk Keyword Tool

Enter, or copy and paste in up to 100 keywords, and see their historical search volume on different devices, recommended CPC, and competition score on Baidu, all at one time.

Keyword Manager

Select and save any keywords to an existing or new keyword list directly. Edit or export your keyword lists, or set up Baidu search campaign directly with one of your keyword lists.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Find keywords that you can easily rank for on Baidu

See search volume, competition, and CPC on keywords

Enter any keyword to see their average daily searches over the last 30 days on mobile and desktop, their competition score and the average price for a user’s click on an ad. All the data are up to date, and pulled directly from Baidu.

Get keyword suggestions with useful metrics

Get thousands of keyword suggestions directly from Baidu database and pick the best ones for you in just a few clicks. Each keyword suggested has up-to-date metrics to help you evaluate its potential for achieving your goals.

Run bulk keyword analysis in one click

Enter up to 100 keywords at one time, and instantly get a full analysis of your keywords with useful metrics to help you decide whether you should enter into competition for them.

Build keyword lists for your Baidu search campaigns

Create powerful keyword masterlists

Collect your favourite keywords from Baidu keyword research tools. Save your keywords into a new or existing keyword list, get fresh metrics, and export your lists into CSV files.

Use your keyword list directly in Baidu search ad

Select a keyword list, and directly create a Baidu search campaign with the list in You no longer need to jump between different platforms. With, you can do keyword research, create Baidu PPC ads, and read PPC campaign reports all in one platform.

Easy and intuitive user interface

Conducting keyword research for Chinese market can be intimidating. That's why we built the Baidu keyword research tools based on what international marketers are used to, so it's simple and familiar to use.

Discover theChina market potentialfor your business

Whether your goal is to improve your sales in China, increase your brand awareness in China, or you are deciding whether it’s the right move to enter China now, keyword research tools are to help you make the right decisions and achieve your business goals in China.

More than Keyword Research Tools

Audience research tool (coming in August)

Check your audience size on WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, Toutiao, LinkedIn China, and Tencent channels. See how many people you can reach with campaigns on these ad channels.

Ad spend planner (coming in August)

Select an ad channel, your target audience, and enter your ad budget to see suggested CPC, CPM, and estimated clicks and impressions your campaign will get.

Ad creation

Create and publish search, social, video, app advertising campaigns on 10+ top ad channels, including WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, directly in one platform.

Ad management

Manage (view, edit, pause, restart) all your advertising campaigns across 10+ ad channels, including WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, LinkedIn China all in one platform.

Ad reporting

View campaign reports across 10+ ad channels all in one place. Easily compare campaign results from different ad channels, and export reports into CSV files.

More to come...

We are constantly working on bring exciting new features to you, to help you achieve success in China. If there's anything on your wish list, don't hesitate to let us know!


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