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We help global brands succeed in China.

Before AdChina.io, advertising on the Chinese market was complex, frustrating, and not transparent. We’ve turned incomprehensible and disconnected platforms into a single dashboard that international marketers, agencies and companies loves to use. Today, the Chinese market is more important than ever before. It has the power to delight or frustrate; to make – or break – a business.

And marketing teams are adapting. To be accurate, to be profitable. To create fitting, consistent and smooth experiences for consumers. To drive loyalty and build brand; to turn the Chinese market into a competitive advantage. But the tools these teams use are holding them back. AdChina.io is here to change that, and help businesses get better at marketing in China.


We aim to bring transparency to advertising in China for international companies, through our advertising platform AdChina.io, the marketplace, and our operation team.

Service Pricing

The pricing of all our services are listed transparently in AdChina.io Marketplace.

Operation Process

We keep our process open & transparent to ensure a trustful experience.

Campaign Performance

Campaign data are transparently displayed in the reporting dashboard of AdChina.io.

We take . in...

Building the advertising platform for China, with a wonderful remote team of 150+ years experience.

The cross-channel digital marketing platform that companies and agencies can use to advertise and communicate with their customers in China.

Meet our team

Rolv-Erik Spilling​

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board
Oslo, Norway

Jie Zhang

Co-founder & CEO
Oslo, Norway

Stein Erik Moe

Co-founder & Board Member
Oslo, Norway

Julia Zheng

Project Manager
Shenzhen, China

Yanggu Zhou

Shanghai, China

Henrik Sætre

Head of Growth
Oslo, Norway & Shanghai, China

Ruolin Wang

Product Specialist
Shanghai, China

Effy Yu

Senior Marketing Manager
Oslo, Norway & Shanghai, China

Chengxian Pan

Senior Architect
Shanghai, China

Yunman Jiang

Growth and Data Analyst
Oslo, Norway

Raiden Xu

Director of Development
Shanghai, China

Yifei Xu

Operation Engineer
Shanghai, China

Joy Liu

Operation Associate
Shanghai, China

Peter T. Nylund

Oslo, Norway

Yongsheng Zhang

Front End Developer
Shanghai, China

Doris Du

Advertising Assistant
Shanghai, China

Muhammad Nouman

Growth Marketer
Islamabad, Pakistan

Lyla Li

Advertising Assistant
Shanghai, China

Muhammad Umair Akhtar

SEO Manager
Lahore, Pakistan

Gorgina Gao

Sales Manager
Hangzhou, China

Wei Lei

Back End Developer
Shanghai, China

Daniel O. Catlla Canedo

Sales Manager
Merida, Mexico

Agustín Oyhamburú Pantano

Sales Manager
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Andreas Keller

Sales Manager D-A-CH
Vienna, Austria

Shuo Fang

Back End Engineer
Shanghai, China

Sherry Ma

Advertising Operation
Shanghai, China

Hollyn Wu

Shanghai, China

I Hua Chiang

Sales Development Representative
Barcelona, Spain

Chen Qing

Advertising Assistant
Shanghai, China

Jing Wen

Growth Support Intern
Nottingham, UK

Vijay Chumber

Sales Manager
Shropshire, UK

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