Chart of the week: Luxury retail in China: 2020 and beyond

Luxury retail in China 2020 chart

2020 is proving to be a challenging year for luxury retail in China and the world.

Most markets have experienced a sales slump followed by stagnation. China, however, experienced an initial decline and then the sales growth picked back up. In this post, we look at the chart released by Bain & Company that indicates how the markets are likely to recover.

luxury industry in china 2020 covid impact

What the data indicates:

  • Some markets are poised to lie flat for the foreseeable future.
  • Other markets, China especially, have already picked back up and resumed growth. Since Chinese consumers make up ~35% of the global luxury goods market, brands present in China stand the best chance to weather this storm.
  • Global luxury sales are anticipated to decline by 25-30%.

Why some countries will recover faster:

  • With many governments still struggling with crisis management, China has been clear of the virus for over 6 months. China’s now resumed strong growth and output.
  • The size of China’s economy ensures a healthy demand for foreign goods and resources.
  • Some countries and regions have been minimally impacted due to severe prevention measures (and in some cases mere luck). These regions have continued to operate at a slower rate but without extended lockdowns or closures.
  • The strategies some governments are pursuing is exacerbating the spread of the virus.

Changes to buying habits in the luxury market we’re likely to see:

  • Unfortunately, the damage to tourism means both domestic and Chinese tourists won’t be buying luxury goods while travelling.
  • So the luxury market is further concentrated to Chinese buyers inside China.
  • A shift towards digital shopping and e-commerce has now accelerated.
  • Greater relative purchasing power in China where almost everyone has resumed work, compared with the West which is still crippled by the impact of lockdowns.

Our recommendation

  • Position yourself in the China market if you aren’t there already. Better to be in growing markets than shrinking ones.

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