Case Study

International Nutrition Brand Marketing To Drive Sales From JD

To increase visits to their JD store, and gain more purchases in China, the Internationals sports nutrition supplement brand needed to find the right channels to build their brand awareness among the young sports lovers and potential customers. Their marketing team has limited knowledge of the Chinese market. Working with enabled them to combine advertising and content marketing to reach their audience, and achieve JD store purchases at a much lower than industry average cost per conversion.


Retail & E-commerce



Company Size


Years in China

1 year

" helped us set-up a multi-channel strategy to get visits and sales for our newly-opened JD store, at a much lower cost than the industry benchmark. We were so happy with the timely execution and the results were at par with our expectations."


Sales from JingDong Store


Impressions on Toutiao


Views KOL Marketing

Products used


  • To drive relevant traffic to the company’s products on e-commerce platforms.
  • To grow awareness about the brand in the Chinese Market
  • To figure a long-term digital marketing strategy to sell in China
  • Awareness among Chinese sports lovers.


  • Brand wasn’t well-known in China
  • The company’s marketing team has limited knowledge of the Chinese market
  • High advertising costs on digital marketing channels

How they did it

Campaign goals

  • Helped the brand set up accounts in 4 Chinese leading channels in a timely manner: WeChat, Bytedance, Xiaohongshu and Weibo. 
  • Adopted the multi-channel strategy to build brand awareness and drive sales.
  • Started marketing campaigns on platform with monitoring and reports.
  • Collaborated with 20+ relevant KOLs who attracted new customers and drew traffic to the brands’ e-commerce store.

Campaign results

  • 580,000+ CNY sales reached the JD store in 6 months.
  • 2.7+ million impressions (and 40K clicks) on Toutiao in 1 month.
  • 11,000+  followers on Xiaohongshu.
  • KOL placement content reached nearly 500,000 views in 6 months.
  • Achieved a higher than average CTR and lower than average CPC in every promotion channel

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