How To Leverage Baidu Analytics For Success in China

Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools that can unveil valuable insights about your website traffic and help you grow your business. For China’s unique internet environment, though, using GA is not helpful.

  • The website,, is blocked in China
  • Also installing GA code on your site can slow it down in China market

Its alternative is Baidu Analytics. Today, let’s look at what the tool is, how you can install the Baidu analytics code, the key challenges it presents to digital marketers, and how you can tackle them.

What is Baidu Analytics?

Baidu Analytics (called Baidu Tongji, in Chinese) is a free tracking pixel that documents traffic data on your website — typically from China. You need to install its tracking code in your site’s heading tags. Then you can access analytics reports through the tool’s interface.

Here’s what it looks like:

Challenges Baidu Analytics Traffic Data Presents to B2B Marketers

The Baidu Tongji data and its relevant reports are only accessible in Chinese. Further, if you’re investing in WeChat ads and other Chinese marketing channels, comparing your performance is not possible with this analytics tool.

You can consider hiring a Chinese marketing agency that runs Baidu SEO, Baidu PPC, and hope they will get relevant reporting traffic data for you. But they also lack transparency in sharing numbers.

AdChina solves a host of these problems by offering you a single interface to track your ads performance across multiple advertising channels: Baidu search, Baidu Feed, Bytedance, and WeChat.

September 9, 2022 12:57:11 pm - Screenshot

How to Create a Baidu Analytics Account?

Being a free tool, to create an account, you need an email and your web address. However, you’ll need to install the Baidu analytics tracking code to your website’s header to track all the pages on your site.

Note that we’re talking about the webmaster’s account above. There are two other types of Baidu Analytics accounts. You can create an account for PPC (integrating with Baidu advertising data). You can also track visitors in mobile applications.

Baidu Analytics vs. Google Analytics

The main difference between Baidu Analytics (BA) and Google Analytics (GA) is the language in which insights from these tools are accessible. Meant majorly for the Chinese market, Baidu reports are in Chinese. But they have more granular localized data regarding the demography of Chinese users.

Though GA supports English, installing its code on a website in China considerably slows it down. So using both Google Analytics and Baidu Analytics is not possible.

GA has a much larger market share used by millions of websites compared with Baidu’s few hundred thousand. However, since GA is not easily available for the China market, you can rely on to track your Baidu ads performance.

How Can Marketers Leverage Baidu Analytics Reports

Here are a few basic reports you can leverage from your Baidu account to discern your site performance.

Get a Handle on Your Site’s Traffic and Growth

Your acquisition can share the number of unique visitors to your site, the average visit duration, monthly page views, your top traffic referrer, and the like. You can base your business decisions on the important marketing channels you want to target, focus on maximizing conversions from the top trafficked landing pages, and the like.

Analyze Visitors’ Behaviors With Baidu Heat Maps

A heat map is a handy tool to understand your audience. If you want to analyze a specific section of your site (such as the above the fold section of your landing page), then you can hover your mouse over it. And find the number of clicks, the geographic location, and other details of your visitors.

Compare Your Audience With Overall Internet User Data

The Baidu audience insight report can correspond your website visitors’ data to overall internet data. You can contrast your visitor’s interests, geography, new and returning visitors, and the like with an average internet user.

Streamline Your PPC Campaigns

With detailed data on your audiences such as the top cities they are from, their interests, and the like, you can also consider investing in paid advertising to scale your marketing efforts. If you already have a Baidu PPC account, you can integrate it with a separate Baidu Analytics account.

If you want to track results of your Baidu PPC campaigns, AdChina Analytics can come in handy. It can present your cost data, top cities, your CPC, and other relevant metrics at a single place.

September 9, 2022 1:00:59 pm - Screenshot

How To Use AdChina Analytics For Success In China

Baidu analytics has a slick user interface and can offer more localized data than Google Analytics. However, it’s not accessible in English language — making it hard to use for international marketers advertising in China.

If you run Baidu PPC campaigns on Baidu Search or Baidu Feed, you can consider Adchina to get valuable information about your paid marketing campaigns in China at your fingertips.

AdChina Analytics can not provide the information about your website’s traffic. For that, you will have to refer to the Baidu Analytics reports.

However, AdChina Analytics can provide you with all the information that you see in your Baidu PPC account, but in English. This helps you take informed decisions about budget allocation for your ads.

AdChina Analytics also lets you compare your Baidu ad results with other results of other Advertising channels. This helps you identify the best performing channel for you.

You can also analyse how various metrics like impressions and CPM compare with each other.

Even if you outsource your campaigns to an agency, you will have complete control over the advertising data with AdChina. With such transparency, you are able to evaluate your campaigns timely and optimize them for best results.

Start using AdChina Analytics now.

How To Leverage Baidu Analytics For Success in China

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