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See how many people you can reach in China.

Discover who you can reach, and how big is your audience size on Chinese ad channels.

See target options on of top Chinese channels

Check your audience size on each channel

"We were new to the Chinese market, and didn't know much about different ad channels. Being able to see for ourselves how niche we are able to target on each channel, and how large the audience size is helped us find the right channel to run our ad campaigns in China market."
Jeffrey W.
Marketing Director

Key capabilities of Audience Research

The first ever Audience Research tool for China market. Conduct audience research on top Chinese advertising channels in one place. See what type of niche audience you can target, and estimated reach and impression.

Audience research

Pick an advertising channel (WeChat, Tencent, ByteDance), and check target options of location, demographic, interest, and behaviour available on each ad channel.

Audience planning

Select an ad channel, and select your audience based on target options. And see the size of your audience on each ad channel, estimated reach and impression.

Audience list

Save your audience to the Audience list. Later you can create advertising campaigns directly with your saved audience on

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

How Audience research works

Select an advertising channel

Choose WeChat, Tencent, or Bytedance (Douyin, Toutiao, Xigua) to check your audience. Please note that Baidu doesn't provide audience size data for display ads.

Select your audience details

Input locations, age, gender, education, device, interest, behaviour, marital status, consumption level, occupation, financial status of your target audience.

Click "Search" to see audience size

Click "Search" to see estimated reach and impressions of your audience on selected channel on the right side. The data is retrieved from ad channel directly.

Discover how big is your audience size on China's top media channels

Research 10 top Chinese ad channels all in one place

In Audience Research, you can easily research your audience on WeChat, Tencent channels, and ByteDance (Douyin, Toutiao, Xigua) all in one place. This both saves you time jumping between different platforms, and also makes it easier to compare the channels, their target options, audience size, so that you can pick the best channels for your business.

Get estimated reach and impression for your audience​

After you select an ad channel, and input your audience options, you will be able to see the estimated reach and estimated impression for this audience. You will also see a meter showcasing how broad or narrow your audience is compared to channel benchmark.

Craft your advertising strategy based on audience research

By using the Audience Research, you get to learn how big is the audience size you can reach with advertising campaigns in China. Based on this knowledge, you can better craft your marketing and advertising strategies to reach your business goals in China market.

See how niche you can target on top Chinese media channels

See which target options are available on each ad channel

Most ad channels share the same basic demographic options (location, age, gender, education, marital status, etc.) But each ad channels has very different targeting options within interests and behaviours. You might be able to target exactly your niche audience on some channels, but not on the others.

Find the channels that can best reach your niche market

Look into the target options for different channels in's Audience Research, and find out which Chinese ad channels has the best fitting targeting options for your business. Combine this information with the estimated audience size and make the right decision for your marketing and advertising campaigns in China.

Save your audience and start an ad campaign directly

Once you've created an audience in Audience Research, you can easily manage them in the audience list. If you have created a WeChat audience, and you are connected to your WeChat ad account in, then you can directly create a WeChat ad campaign from this audience in

Whether your goal is to improve your sales in China, increase your brand awareness in China, or you are deciding whether it’s the right move to enter China now, audience research can help you make the right decisions and achieve your business goals in China.


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More than Audience Research

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More to come...

We are constantly working on bring exciting new features to you, to help you achieve success in China. If there's anything on your wish list, don't hesitate to let us know!


Audience research is an easy-to-use research tool for users to see 1) the target options on WeChat, Tencent and Bytedance channel, 2) the size of audience on each channel.

Audience Research are useful for those who 1) would like to see how niche they can target on different Chinese media channels, 2) want to decide which channel to run ad campaigns on, 3) discover the audience size on different media channels.

All the data are synchronised directly from WeChat, Tencent and Bytedance in real time.

Baidu doesn’t provide audience size estimate to users for display ads.

However, you can easily check keyword search volume on Baidu with Baidu keyword research

You can select WeChat, Tencent or Bytedance first. Then select your audience details (location, age, gender, interest, education, behaviour, etc.). 

Click “Search” to see estimate reach and impression for your selected audience on your selected channel.

You can also click “Save audience” to save your audience to the audience list, and later create an ad campaign with it directly in

The estimated reach is the estimated amount of people you can reach for your selected audience on your selected channel.

The estimated impression is the estimated number of times your ad can be shown to your selected audience on your selected channel.

With a FREE account, you can do 3 searches with Audience Research per day.

To get more searches per day, you can upgrade to paid plans. Please check out the pricing page for prices and details.

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