Ad Reporting

Analyse campaigns across 10+ channels all in one place.

View campaign data from across 10+ channels in one dashboard. Compare campaign performance across different channels, and get valuable insights.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

View campaign data across 10+ channels in one dashboard

Get better insights by comparing campaigns on different channels

If you are running ad campaigns on both WeChat and Douyin, you might want to know which channel is more effective and gives you better return on investment. With's reporting dashboard, you can easily compare campaign from different channels with each other, and get a better overview of which channels are more effective for your business.

Save time by viewing all campaign data in one place

Having campaign performance data from different channels all in one dashboard means that you no longer need to jump between ad platforms or gather the data by yourself in an excel sheet. You can save hours each week by simply analysing all your campaigns in one place.

Analyse campaigns performance on different levels

Valuable insights from basic report, audience report, and keyword report

You can analyse your ad campaign on different levels with, such as which channels give the highest CTR and lowest CPC, where in China are people most engaged with your campaigns, or which keywords drive the most traffic to your website.

Easy-to-read and visualised charts

With AdChina's reporting dashboard, you can view your campaign performance in line charts, pie charts, maps, and table charts, These visualised charts make the data easy to understand for you.

Build and export campaign reports in a few clicks

Decide the level of detail of your reports

You can select certain campaigns from one channel, or across multiple channels, by hourly, daily or monthly, with or without detail breakdown. Build your reports at the level of granularity you need.

Export your reports in one click

Once you've built the report, you can export it to a CSV file in one click. With, you can generate cross-channel campaign reports in easiest way possible.

"We love using for campaign reporting. Running campaigns across multiple channels, it's always been hours of work for us to make weekly or monthly reports for our clients. With, it not only takes us just a few minutes to generate reports, but also gives a much better overview of all the campaigns and helps us to provide more valuable insights to our clients."
Darren K.
Account Manager

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Ad creation

Create and publish search, social, video, app advertising campaigns on 10+ top ad channels, including WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, directly in one platform.

Ad management

Manage (view, edit, pause, restart) all your advertising campaigns across 10+ ad channels, including WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, LinkedIn China all in one platform.

Keyword research

See how many people are searching for keywords related to your products and services on Baidu. Build keyword lists for export or direct use in Baidu search campaigns.

Audience research

Check your audience size on WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, Toutiao, LinkedIn China, and Tencent channels. See how many people you can reach with campaigns on these ad channels.

Ad spend planner

Select an ad channel, your target audience, and enter your ad budget to see suggested CPC, CPM, and estimated clicks and impressions your campaign will get.

More to come...

We are constantly working on bring exciting new features to you, to help you achieve success in China. If there's anything on your wish list, don't hesitate to let us know!

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