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Create campaigns across 10+ channels all in one place.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Start advertising on Chin'a top channels in minutes

Reach more than 1 billion Chinese consumers integrates with over 10 Chinese top media channels like WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, Tencent channels, etc. With these channels, you can reach over 1 billion Chinese consumers in just few clicks.

Covers search, social, video, app store advertising

Whether you are looking to reach your audience in China with search ads, social media ads, video ads, or app store ads, you can do it with

Increase your efficiency with multichannel platform

Save time by running multichannel campaigns in one place

Switching between multiple ad channels not only takes a lot of time, but also requires a lot of learning about each channel's ad platform. With's multichannel ad platform, you and your team can save tons of hours each week.

More efficiency means more profits

Spending less time getting familiar with each channels and switching between them, means that you and your team can spend more time optimising your campaigns, and achieving higher ROI with your ad budget.

Creating Baidu ads made as easy as creating Google ads

Simple and intuitive user interface

If you and your team have used Google ads or Facebook ads before, then you know how to use We've made it so simple that everyone can create an ad on WeChat or Baidu in just a few minutes.

Designed for international marketers

Chinese media channels can be very hard to understand and navigate for international marketers, that's why we designed completely according to what international marketers are used to, so that creating a WeChat or Baidu ad can feel like a breeze.

"As an agency, we serve dozens of clients at a time. Handling campaigns across 5 channels has been extremely time consuming and inconvenient. Using has been a game changer, we are saving about 8 hours a week. And we are able to serve more clients at one time."
Chloe M.
Account Director

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More than Ad Creation

Ad management

Manage (view, edit, pause, restart) all your advertising campaigns across 10+ ad channels, including WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, LinkedIn China all in one platform.

Ad reporting

View campaign reports across 10+ ad channels all in one place. Easily compare campaign results from different ad channels, and export reports into CSV files.

Keyword research

See how many people are searching for keywords related to your products and services on Baidu. Build keyword lists for export or direct use in Baidu search campaigns.

Audience research

Check your audience size on WeChat, Baidu, Douyin, Toutiao, LinkedIn China, and Tencent channels. See how many people you can reach with campaigns on these ad channels.

Ad spend planner

Select an ad channel, your target audience, and enter your ad budget to see suggested CPC, CPM, and estimated clicks and impressions your campaign will get.

More to come...

We are constantly working on bring exciting new features to you, to help you achieve success in China. If there's anything on your wish list, don't hesitate to let us know!

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