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Ad creation, campaign management, campaign reporting across top 15 Chinese media channels – All in one platform.


The cross-channel advertising platform for China.

You can set up, monitor, and optimise campaigns, across top 10 Chinese media channels, 
all through English dashboard designed for international advertisers.

One platform, top 15 media channels.

Advertise across the largest media channels in China all from one platform. Your team can create, launch and analyse campaigns across different channels from one place, so you’ll get better reports, faster optimisation, and higher return on investment. 

By advertising only on these selected top channels, you avoid wasting your ad budget on low quality ad placements.

Reach your customers with precise targeting.

Whether you are looking for football fans, mothers with newborns, or construction engineers, business owners, you’ll find them here. 

In, you are able to reach any niche targeting groups every media channels has to offer.

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Check campaign performance across multiple channels in one dashboard. pulls data directly from channels every 30 second, so you can always see what is going on with your digital advertising campaigns in China. 

In audience report, you can also check which location, age and gender groups your customers are from, and use these insights for future campaigns targeting.

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Pay less fees, get more customers.​

By automating the advertising processes with, and simplifying campaign creation, management and reporting, we managed to push down the cost. 

As a result you’ll have more to spend on media buying, and gain higher revenue from with your ad campaigns in China.

Start growing your business in China today.

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