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Advertising in China

Are my goods/services OK to advertise in China?

Most industry can advertise in China. There are however exceptions. Here are some of the exceptions: Au Pair service, pharmacy, VPN service, e-sim, online gambling, medical beauty. If you are unsure about your industry, please contact us for detailed information.

Why can’t I use Google or Facebook to advertise in China?

Google and Facebook are blocked in China, and China has its own version of Google, as well as many platforms that mimic several of Meta’s core products.

How long does it take to get started advertising in China?

If you are already selling in China the process to setup an advertising account with a media channel takes between 2-4 weeks. If you are not already selling in China we will need to determine your advertising goals and industry regulations before we get started with the advertising account.

Do I have to have a company in China to sell and advertise in China?

No, as a general rule, you don’t need to set up a Chinese company to start selling or advertising  in China. 

Should I advertise a website that is not in Chinese?

If you are just testing China advertising for the first time, using your own website can be good for small-scale experimentation. However, you will want to switch to using the built-in landing page technology for each of the major channels, something we can help you accomplish.

I’m receiving traffic and interest from China, what can I do with it?

We are excited for you! If you are also selling in China, you can set up your account and start advertising, or contact us to help you reach higher levels of success. 

If you are not selling, we will be glad to discuss with you about how you can utilize ads to start reaching your business goals.

Is advertising CPC or CPM in China?

CPC and CPM are the 2 main bidding methods in China.

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Advertising with

What is and how it works? is an easy-to-use advertising platform that allows you to create and manage campaigns on premium Chinese media channels, and receive real-time data on campaign results.

To use to advertise in China, you need to first register an account for free. You can then proceed to connect your channels to the platform, purchase a subscription, and start advertising through our platform yourself, or work with our sales and operations team to get your ad accounts activated and linked before running you

What happens next after I sign up AdChina platform?

Next step is to select the channels you want to advertise on, and then we can help you to create and verify channel accounts, and then you can start creating campaigns.

Can I test the platform first before I need to spend money on advertising?

You can access the platform but you can’t start building campaign until you’ve paid.

Can I advertise on channel X through

Currently, we are integrated with Baidu for Search and Display advertising, Tencent channels  for Display advertising, and ByteDance channels for Display advertising. Please let us know of any additional channels you would like us to consider.

Can I import our ads into platform?

No, you can’t import ads into platform. However, you can import your creatives into our Creative Library and edit them there.

How much support do you give when it comes to creative and copywriting? 

We offer paid support for creative and copywriting, however, every plan, including free, includes a certain amount of translation. This ensures everyone can get up and running.

In which countries can I access

You can access the from every country in the world.

What channel do you recommend I start with? 

We recommend starting with Baidu, as it allows you to run search advertising campaigns very similar to Google Search Ads. This creates a comfortable transition to the world of advertising in China, and you can proceed to try Baidu feed advertising, which more closely resembles advertising options on other Chinese channels.

Can I only bid CPC and CPM with Can I bid CPA?

Currently only CPM and CPC are available on 

Does your platform allow audience retargeting?

Yes, there’re detailed targeting options in the platform.

Do you offer KPIs or guarantees on advertising performance?

We are an advertising platform that offers transparency and efficiency, however, we don’t guarantee the advertising results. Performance varies depending on how the campaigns are set up.

Can I do keyword targeting? Can I do brand targeting. 

Yes, you can do keyword targeting on Baidu feed ads. However, this feature is in development at the moment. Brand targeting is available on Weibo, and Weibo is a channel currently in development.

Is it possible to run video ads on

Yes, video ads are available for Douyin, Xigua, and Huoshan video app through

Do you only support display and video ads?

Yes.  If theres a specific format you are looking for, please let us know here.

Which languages does support? is an English-language platform. 

How can I delete my account on

You can delete your account by submitting a form here

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Payments on

How much does cost?

Please refer to our pricing page for more detailed information and pricing-related questions. We are proud to be the only advertising platform in the industry that provides transparent pricing.

What am I paying for when I use

There are 3 primary types of purchases you can make on

Subscription purchase: Used to gain access to core parts of the platform for research, advertising, and reporting.

Ad Activation Purchase: Used to get your ad account on a given channel set up quickly and efficiently with our team’s help.

Ad Spend Top Up: 
Currently you can pay to have your Baidu ad account  topped up on the platform. Ad channels in China require you to pre-pay for any campaigns you plan to run.

We don’t have WeChat Pay or Alipay – how can we integrate this into our systems?

It would depend on your current system. If your current system cannot integrate with WeChat Pay or Alipay, we can help you with setting up an account via our partner.

How does billing work with

In you can pay via credit or debit card.  You can use any credit or debit card accepted by our payment partner, Stripe. 

When running ads through, you top up your account, and then your ads are charged to your account balance.

What’s the minimum spend to advertise with

Please check out our pricing page for more details on the cost of advertising with

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Please check out our pricing page for more details on canceling your subscription for

How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Please check out our pricing page for more details on canceling your subscription for

What forms of payment do you take to setup an account?

We accept Credit or Debit Card payments, which we process through Stripe.

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