How to Register Baidu Account Outside China [4-step Signup Process]

how to open baidu account outside china
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    Looking to create a Baidu account outside China? You’re in the right place!

    Baidu is China’s leading search engine provider, with around 200 million daily active users and close to 700 million active mobile users per month. Simply put, if you want users in China to see your website in Chinese, Baidu is the best platform to help you do so. 

    However, opening a Baidu account isn’t all that straightforward outside China. 

    Not having a Chinese mobile phone number can cause quite a few issues during the registration process.

    The good news is, you can try a few workarounds. In this article, we’ll walk you step-by-step to create a Baidu account — and how to move past the errors you might encounter. 

    How to open a Baidu account outside China: Direct through Baidu

    This direct method of opening a Baidu account gives users a lot of trouble with endless error messages and a complicated interface. But if you can get it to work, it’s actually the most straight-forward way to register an account outside the country:

    1. First, you’ll create an account by visiting this link:
    Baidu account creation outside China 1
    1. Choose the option on your browser to translate the page to English
    Baidu account creation outside China 2
    1. Select your country code from the drop-down menu, and enter your phone number
    Baidu account creation outside China 3
    1. Next, create a username and password and click the option to send verification. 
    Baidu account creation outside China 4

    If you receive an error code at this point (as many do), try moving onto the method below. 

    However, if you do receive the verification to your device, you can simply read and accept the terms of account creation and move on to registering your account.  

    Open a Baidu account by registering via the Baidu Cloud Login 

    You can also try registering via the login portal for Baidu Cloud. This process is a little more involved, and again, offers no promises. However, it’s a good option to try if the direct method failed to deliver.

    1. Navigate directly to the Baidu Cloud registration page

    Baidu cloud account creation outside China 1

    2. Again, you’ll enter your country code and mobile phone number and then choose ‘send dynamic password’. The password should come to your mobile device. Enter it into the box.

    Baidu cloud account creation outside China 2

    3. Next, a pop-up button will appear to let you know you need to register this new number. Choose “register now” and proceed with the verification process. 

    4. If your verification is successful, you should now see a screen that says ‘Welcome to Baidu AI Cloud’.

    5. Fill out your username and the rest of the required information on that page.

    6. On the next screen, you’ll see an envelope sign — this option allows you to add an email address to the account. Click on the link next to it to open a pop-up window.

    7. Again, you’ll need to go through a verification process and get a code sent to your mobile device.

    8. Once you’ve entered the code and been verified, the email address you entered will be added to your account.

    9. In order to make sure your email account was added correctly, navigate back to the Baidu home screen and refresh the page.

    11. You should now see your Baidu Account Settings. Navigate to the ‘authentication’ tab on the left sidebar. (If you are unable to go to the Baidu Account Settings automatically then click here to access the settings page.)

    12. As a final step, set up your login credentials.

    And that’s it! You should now officially be able to login via the main Baidu login page.

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