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Recruit Chinese students and establish your brand reputation in China makes it easy to advertise universities and education institutions in China, increase brand visibility, build brand reputation, get student leads, and recruit more students from China.

Some of the customers trusting

There're hundreds of education institutions competing for Chinese students' attention. It's extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Lack of cultural adaption

Chinese students have concerns about studying abroad, and they are changing constantly. It's different to keep up without local cultural understanding.

Rely on traveling to China

You are heavily reliant on flying your faculties to China multiples times a year to attend fairs, events, and exchange programs.

Ranking-based decisions

When choosing overseas school, Chinese students care a lot about ranking, making it challenging for newer institutions in lower rank to get attention.

See how this university grew its Chinese student enrollment

To attract more Chinese student, the UK university needed to grow its brand awareness in China. With Covid-19, they decided to host a virtual student fair, and needed promotion of the event in China. With Baidu search advertising, WeChat advertising, and WeChat content marketing, their virtual event was fully booked, and received large amount of inquiries from Chinese students and their parents. With this success, they are expanding with to advertise and market on more Chinese channels.

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Stand out in the massive Chinese education market.

Have a dedicated Chinese website and show up on Chinese social media channels where you can get discovered by your targeted students and parents.

Increase  your brand awareness in the Chinese market, and establish your brand reputation in the minds of Chinese students and their parents.

Attract high quality student leads from China to inquire about your programs, and convert them into high quality applications.

Promote your student recruitment events, your virtual campus tour, Q&A sessions, or other events in China, and receive more quality student leads.

Get your school in front of the right students and parents.

With’s powerful targeting options for education sector, you are able to target just the right students and their parents. Get your school in front of these audience and see student leads flowing in.

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Improve your marketing efficiency in China.

Through, you can easily create ad campaigns on top 15 Chinese media channels, all in one place, saving you hundreds of hours and thousands worth of manpower. Test different channels efficiently to find out which are the best for reaching your targeted students and parents in China.

Get insights from your advertising campaigns all in one place.

You need to know how your targeting audience are reacting to your ad campaigns in China. With, you are able to see real-time results of all your ad campaigns across different channels, all the one dashboard, in English. 

Get quality applications and recruit more Chinese students.

Join hundreds of other universities and education institutions, and start driving quality student leads from China today. 

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