All You Need To Know About Douyin Marketing in 2022

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From Prada to Gucci to Pizza Hut, international brands are creating their business accounts on Douyin for marketing and reaching their target audience. With over 600 million daily active users, the short video app Douyin is becoming every digital marketer’s favourite platform to reach China’s fast-rising affluent class. With the platform estimated to cross 800 million daily active users by 2025, the right time to start marketing on Douyin was yesterday. 

But if you’re just getting started with the platform, this article will guide you with everything that you need to know about Douyin marketing. 

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Why Do Brands Need Douyin Marketing?

The charm of Douyin lies in its engaging content, which is basically a bottomless feed of funny and interesting short clips. The platform can offer brands the most visibility in the shortest time. With the right content or advertising, you can reach a lot of users without building your own community or following. Here are a few reasons why your business should be on Douyin to be successful in the Chinese market –

1. Douyin Can Help A Brand Go Viral

Viral videos on Douyin are able to get 30-200 million views within one day. Such a reach can be pivotal for a spreading brand awareness and getting engagement. 

However, a brand needs to be strategic with its content to go viral. Douyin’s algorithm ranks the content that communicates value to the user even higher based on the likes or engagement that a post gets. For this reason, a post that’s an advertisement doesn’t perform very well. 

But if you manage to strike the right balance to create catchy content that communicates the brand’s offerings without being too promotional, you could end up getting an exponential reach. Many brands use Douyin marketing to increase their web traffic, consumer engagement, and brand awareness.

Here are a few factors that determine how well your video performs on Douyin –

  • Completion rate
  • Number of likes and comments
  • Number of followers 
  • Reposts and shares has helped hundreds of brands reach the China market. To see how can help you get started with advertising on top channels hassle-free create a free account today.

2. Douyin Assists E-Commerce Sales

In January of 2021, Douyin introduced Douyin Pay to compete with other Chinese giants like Alipay and WeChat Pay. In March 2021, it also launched flagship stores for brand accounts.

These stores have features such as campaign banners, brand recommendations, vouchers, product recommendations, and offline store information. These stores are an opportunity for brands to increase their product exposure and conversion rates. 

With Douyin cutting links to third-party websites like Taobao, these stores offer a new opportunity for brands looking to grow their E-Commerce sales.

Also, as compared to TikTok, Douyin has always been much more of a social commerce app that lets users buy products that brands and influencers feature.

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3. Douyin Users Welcome Brand Advertising

Douyin users are curious to know about new brands and respond positively to advertisements. Over 40% of Chinese consumers on the app do not express any discontentment with product placements in the videos. 

Douyin platform also offers many kinds of advertising and marketing options such as banner ads, hashtag challenges, stickers, music and filters. 

4. Douyin Targets Millennials And Gen Z

Most of the active Douyin users are Millennials and Gen Z. In fact, about 50 percent of all Douyin users are between 24 to 30 years. These users are also one of the largest consumer groups in China. 

The majority of the Douyin users are from developed metropolitan regions in China such as tier 1 and tier 2 cities. About 85% of all Douyin users belong to major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tian jin. The users are also predominantly female with high incomes and academic backgrounds.

When you market your business on Douyin, you have the advantage of reaching young and affluent people as your target audience. Douyin users have educated backgrounds and are curious as well as well-informed. For this reason, many luxury brands like Chloe, Gucci, Estee Lauder and Michael Kors are also marketing on the platform.

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How To Use Douyin For Marketing?

Douyin boasts a long average daily usage time of 120 minutes. The platform offers a great opportunity for brands to gain attention and visibility through by creating an effective marketing strategy for the platform. 

Success on Douyin starts with producing quality content that inspires consumers to purchase, and then facilitating that journey with the platform’s e-commerce features. Here’s a step-by-step guide to create your douyin marketing strategy.

1. Grow Brand Awareness Through Engaging Content

The best performing content on Douyin are the videos that viewers can relate to. Brands need to think of how their target would use their products in day-to-day life to make their content more relatable. It’s also important for the content to spark some emotion. 

Since the attention span of users on the platform is limited, it helps if the video starts with an element of surprise or suspense. Douyin users also engage well with funny videos. 

Another smart strategy is to encourage user generated content. For instance, Kang Shifu (also known as Master Kong) is a famous noodle brand in China launched a hashtag challenge where people could share the way they cook noodles.

Likewise, luxury brand Cartier also ran a hashtag campaign ‘Make Your Own Path’ where it invited users to show off their dance moves and apply Cartier filter to their videos. This simple campaign attracted 1000s of users to participate and generated over 1.1 billion views. 

2. KOL and KOC Marketing

Another effective way to build awareness for your brand is to leverage influencer marketing on Douyin. You can partner with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and KOCs (Key Opinion Customers) on Douyin to ensure a greater reach for your content. 

These influencers promote products, services or the brand by using their own creativity in the videos. Businesses can sponsor the KOLs to feature their products in their videos or to get them to participate in their hashtag challenges. KOLs can also be make a dedicated video talking about the products of the brand. 

With the right influencer, you can quickly increase your brand’s visibility and expand your community. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an influencer for your marketing campaigns.

  • With Douyin’s new e-commerce policies, brands need to use the platform’s own digital marketing matching service to find Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).
  • Douyin KOLs promote a brand or a company using viral challenges. KOCs help in getting your content discovered by niche groups and are perceived as more authentic.
  • It’s important to partner with KOLs that deliver high-quality content and can help the brands reach their audience matches the brand’s key consumer group.
  • Partnering with small or medium KOLs can help brands get access to broader fan base across China. 
  • If you’ve a big budget you can also partner with large KOL accounts with more than 10 million subscribers). They are very rare and expensive, but help you reach a large audience at once.
  • Offering your products to KOLs is highly appreciated and effective strategy to get them to talk about your brand. However, it’s important to pay them through Douyin’s KOL platform so that they can add links to your store from their videos. 
  • Choose KOLs whose posts consistently perform well over those who just have a few videos that have gone viral. has helped hundreds of brands reach the China market. To see how can help you get started with advertising on top channels hassle-free create a free account today.

3. Douyin Paid Advertising

Advertising on Douyin is one of the most effective ways to directly drive traffic from the platform. Did you know that promoted videos on verified accounts with a blue V drive 27% more traffic to the account? You can experiment with different types of ad placements on the platform. These are – open screen ads, feed ads, sticker ads and music ads.

Open Screen Ads

These are the ads that are displayed every time the users open their app. The Open Screen ads can be Static (Image) or Dynamic (Video). The statics open screen ads have a display time of 3 seconds while the dynamic ones can be 4 to 5 seconds long. With Dynamic ads, you can choose between the option of full screen and split screen.

Open screen ads have a strong visual impact as they are the first thing the users see and there are no distractions during the display time of these ads.

Douyin Feed Ads

As the name implies, feed ads are seamlessly integrated into Douyin content feed. These ads are 5 to 60 secons short videos that appear in the full-screen ads. These ads are linked to the brand’s Douyin account and help the brand grow their fan base. Users can share these videos with their friends across other social media platforms. This helps in building brand awareness across multiple platforms.

Sticker Ads

Customised stickers can be created by brands on Douyin to promote their products or services. After that, they can encourage the users to use the stickers on their videos by creating a challenge. For instance, Vivo encouraged users to add the brand’s stickers to their videos and awarded trophies to the users whose videos generated the highest number of likes.

The advantage of sticker ads is that users interact actively with them. Videos with stickers also inspire other users to try them out which increases the reach and visibility. Such high acceptance of sticker ads make it a favourable advertising tool for brands. 

Douyin Music Ads

Since music is one biggest feature of content on Douyin app, it can also be used for advertising. You can add your brand’s copyrighted commercial music to Douyin’s music library. Your track can have your brand’s name or tagline to help with marketing. Users can be encouraged to add the music to their videos through challenges.

4. Sell Products On Douyin Stores

There are various ways to boost E-Commerce sales by Douyin marketing. With a Douyin business account, you can link your online store (on Taobao or Tmall) to your account. When users will click on the link, they will be redirected to the website and purchase your product.

Even though Douyin has banned third party links from videos to other E-commerce, it offers other ways to increase sales. For instance, brands can create their own flagship store directly on Douyin and offer vouchers to increase conversions. Unlike Douyin Stores, where anyone can apply and sell products from multiple brands, the flagship stores are specifically for brands selling their own items. 

Brands have already started launching their flagship stores on Douyin and started driving sales. L’Oréal Group generated $3.4 million in GMV within a week of its store launch. 

Douyin’s actively making its foray into E-Commerce with its launch of Douyin Pay and brand flagship stores. Its GMV in 2020 topped $77 billion, which was more than three times as compared to 2019. This means that in the coming years, the majority of your product sales could be coming from Douyin.

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