Success Stories

We are proud of our clients’ success in China, and our great collaboration together. Here’re some of the highlights. We’d love to bring the same success to your business.

Real Estate

Malaysian Real Estate Company Increased Lease by 100%

Aiming to upgrade their marketing activities in China, this established real estate company came to AdChina,io, with the goal of generating high quality sales leads while building their brand awareness in the market. Through running advertising campaigns on Baidu, Douyin and Toutiao, they managed to double the number of their weekly lead while lowering the cost per lead within a few months.

Mobile App

Productivity iOS App Drives Installs From Baidu and Douyin

To outperform their biggest global competitors, the international productivity iOS with existing presence on the Chinese iOS Apple Store wanted to run paid advertisement campaigns. Even though they didn’t have a Chinese team, they wanted to manage advertising in China. They were looking for a platform that could help them run ads in China just like the advertising platforms in the international market. 

Higher Education

UK University Increase Chinese Student Enrollment with WeChat and Baidu Marketing

To attract more Chinese student, the UK university needed to grow its brand awareness in China. With Covid-19, they decided to host a virtual student fair, and needed promotion of the event in China. With Baidu search advertising, WeChat advertising, and WeChat content marketing, their virtual event was fully booked, and received large amount of inquiries from Chinese students and their parents. 


Medical component company boosts its presence in Chinese B2B market

When expanding their global marketing campaign into China, the medical tech company and their global agency needed Chinese expertise. Through working with, they met and exceeded their sales goals with localised advertising and marketing campaigns. And thanks to the in-depth reporting, they also discovered customers in new areas where their sales had not reached before.


Sport Nutrition Brand Marketing In China

To increase visits to their new Tmall store, and gain more purchases in China, the European sports nutrition supplement brand need to find the right channels for reaching their potential customers and build their brand awareness among the young sports lovers. Working with enabled them to combine advertising and content marketing to reach their audience, and achieve Tmall store purchases at a much lower than industry average cost per conversion.

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