Chinese Marketing Services

We are here to help you grow your business in the China market.

What type of Chinese marketing services does offer? offers full Chinese marketing services to help business enter and grow in China. The services range from strategy consulting, market entry, digital marketing, to website, e-commerce, and KOL marketing. All the services are transparently priced, and are customisable to fit your business goals, so we can help you grow better in whatever way works for you. 

China Marketing Consulting Services

We work with you to define the best ways for your business to enter or grow in the China market.

Baidu SEO Services

We help your business to increase visibilities and reach audience on search engine – Baidu.

Chinese Social Media Marketing Services

We help you build a loyal community for your business on Chinese social media channels.

Chinese Advertising Services

We help you grow your sales and awareness in China by advertising your business on top Chinese channels.

Chinese Website Services

We help you host and build a Chinese website for your business, and present your brand and products in China.

Chinese E-commerce Services

We help you set up online stores on Chinese e-commerce platforms, and start selling in China.

Chinese KOL Marketing Services

We help you work with best fitting Chinese influencers to promote your brand and products in China.

Alipay and WeChat Pay Services

We help you set up Alipay or WeChat Pay as your online and mobile payment method in China.

Chinese Content Marketing Services

We help you build your brand on Chinese social media with quality and engaging content.

Baidu PPC Audit Services

We help you review your Baidu PPC campaigns, and improve your visibility on Baidu.

Chinese Translation Services

We help you translate your brand and product materials into Chinese, and localise your messaging.

Who uses Chinese Marketing Services?

With any foreign market, it can be hard to figure out where to start, how to grow and see results quickly, and how to measure the impact of your efforts. Our operation team is here to help you with full range of Chinese marketing services that you need selling in China, especially if you are:

Selling in China, want to increase sales.

New to China market, ready to start selling.

Working with agency, want better results.

Want to sell in China, doing researching.

Frequently asked questions

Transparency is at the core of our business. We have a fixed price for every service we provide. To get the pricing info, click into the service above, and then click “Get pricing” to fill in your basic info. You’ll receive pricing from us within 24 hours.

Yes we do. If the service you’re looking for is not listed above, simply click “Request more info” and let us know your request there. You’ll hear back from us within 24 hours.

It’s super easy to work with our Operation Team. To start with, we will agree on the work scope and pricing. Once the contract is signed and payment is completed. You will have a kickoff meeting with us to define the steps and timeline of the project. Once the project has started, you will have one update meeting with us per week, and receive either a weekly report or monthly report based on your requirements. At the same time, our team is here to answer your questions throughout the whole process.

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