Case Study

Productivity iOS App Drives Installs From Baidu and Douyin

To outperform their biggest global competitors, the international productivity iOS with existing presence on the Chinese iOS Apple Store wanted to run paid advertisement campaigns. 

Even though they didn’t have a Chinese team, they wanted to manage advertising in China. They were looking for a platform that could help them run ads in China just like the advertising platforms in the international market. 

To increase installs and gain more revenue in China, the app needed to find the right channels to build their brand awareness and acquire customers. Working with has enabled them to run campaigns across 12+ channels in order to identify what works best for them.

Currently, they run ads on Baidu and Douyin in order to drive traffic to their Apple store. With our dashboard, they are able to monitor results from all their campaigns and optimize them to drive best results.





Company Size


Years in China

1 year

" has enabled us to take complete control of running advertisements in China. The targeting options available on the platform help us immensely to reach our target audience. We’re also very happy with the support we get everytime we run into a glitch while creating a campaign. The assistance is very timely and super helpful."
Joan Johanssen
VP Marketing China


Impressions on Douyin


Clicks from Douyin


Average CTR on Douyin


Average CPM on Douyin

Products used




  • To drive relevant traffic to the app’s Apple Store listing.
  • To grow awareness about the app in the Chinese Market.
  • To figure out advertising channels to drive user acquisition for the app.


  • The app wasn’t well-known in China and didn’t get a lot of app installs organically.
  • The company didn’t have a team in China but wanted to run campaigns there.
  • Lack of transparency when outsourcing app marketing to Chinese ad agencies.

How they did it

Campaign details

  • Helped the brand set up accounts in 2 Chinese leading channels in a timely manner: Baidu and Douyin
  • Assisted them in launching their first campaigns and getting them approved.
  • Started marketing campaigns on platform with monitoring and reports.
  • Consistently optimized ad budget and targeting based on’s analytics dashboard.

Campaign results

  • 76+ millions of impressions from Douyin in 6 months.
  • 6+ millions of clicks from Douyin advertising in 6 months.
  • Achieved a higher than average CTR of 7.59%.
  • Achieved a higher than average CTM of 5.32 RMB.

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