Case Study

US Legal Service Agency Marketing in China with Baidu Advertising

To further increase their brand awareness and amount of high quality leads from China, this US legal service agency needed to reach their niche audience in China with more cost-efficient marketing campaigns. Through advertising on Baidu with, they were able to reach the target audience at much lower cost, and increase their marketing campaign ROI largely. 


Professional service


United States

Company Size


Years in China

4 years

"We wanted a marketing solution that allow us to target precisely our segment in China, while keeping the cost low. Working with allowed us to avoid wasting marketing budget and achieve high campaign ROI."
Andrew Haynes
Global Sales Director


Average ranking no.1 for
top 20 keywords


Increase in Baidu search ads
click through rate


High quality lead form
submissions per week

Products used

China Domain & ICP



  • This US-based legal service agency is specialised in company registration and immigration.  They’ve been having clients from China for few years. 
  • They wanted to further increase their brand awareness in China.
  • And attract more high quality leads through from the China market.


  • They lacked understanding of the Chinese market.
  • They would like to target the specific audience group without wasting budget on broad and irrelevant audience group.
  • They wanted to use only the right ad platform, without wasting budget on less effective platforms.
  • Their precious marketing activities in China had been very expensive.

How they did it

Campaign goals

  • Increase traffic to their Chinese website.
  • Generate high quality sales leads in China.
  • Increase marketing campaign ROI.

Campaign details

  • Since the client had initial brand awareness in China, and was already getting Chinese customers, combined with their wish to avoid wasting budget on testing different ad channels, we decided to focus the all the marketing effort on one channel only – Baidu, running both Baidu search ads and Baidu feed ads.
  • After analysing the client’s product offerings and target audience, we narrowed down to one niche audience segment to target on Baidu, avoid wasting budget on a broader audience group.
  • According to the client’s goal of increase marketing campaign ROI, we suggested a flexible budget plan. Through advertising directly on Baidu with the platform, we were able to keep the campaign results transparent, reduce the cost on campaign management, and spend more of the budget on running the ads.

Campaign results

  • Increase Baidu search ads CTR (click through rate) by 57%.
  • Reached average ranking 1.5 for the top 20 keywords on Baidu.
  • Reduced average CPC (cost per click) of Baidu feed ads to lower than 0.5 CNY.
  • Generate on average more than 200 marketing qualified leads through website lead form submission.

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