Case Study

Medical component company boosts its presence in Chinese B2B market.

When expanding their global marketing campaign into China, the medical tech company and their global agency needed Chinese expertise. Through working with, they met and exceeded their sales goals with localised advertising and marketing campaigns. And thanks to the in-depth reporting, they also discovered customers in new areas of Chinese where their sales had not reached before.


B2B Medical


United States

Company Size


Years in China

2 years

“We’ve been able to expand our sales into China and lower our cost per lead by 12% because of the localised campaigns we could not have implemented without”
Waldo Stephenson
Business Development Director

1 million

Audience reached with
WeChat advertising


Lower cost per lead than
industry average

Top 5

Ranked in top 5 search
results on Baidu

Products used

China Domain




  • Generate brand awareness in China beyond the local distributors. 
  • Boost sales revenues in China with online marketing campaigns.


  • Their brand wasn’t particularly known in China.
  • Limited Chinese market knowledge in their in-house marketing team.
  • Their general ad agency do not specialise in Chinese advertisi-ng.

How they did it

Campaign goals

  • Establish suitable digital presence in China.
  • Build brand awareness step-by-step.
  • Drive relevant B2B leads in China.

Campaign details

  • Reviewed the resources from different parties and made a complete China entry strategy.
  • Built WeChat official account, and did advertising campaigns on WeChat to attract followers and generate B2B sales leads.
  • Established Chinese Website and did Baidu SEO to improve organic search ranking.

Campaign results

  • Completed the WeChat Official Account registration, Baidu advertising account application.
  • Completed Chinese website domain name registration and ICP in one month for the US company.
  • Reached nearly 1 million audience who are interested in the specific field on WeChat through the first advertising campaign on WeChat.
  • Generated highly relevant followers and sales leads on WeChat at a cost 12% lower than industry average.
  • Ranked on the top 5 search results on Baidu for the prioritised keywords in 5 months SEO.

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