Advertising Solution for Brands Entering China

Lower barrier, lower risk, better success.

You are entering the exciting and unfamiliar China market. You want to push your brand in front of the Chinese customers, yet unsure how to do it. That’s why you need an advertising platform that enables you do reach your target audience, and bring you sales without high upfront cost or ad spend waste.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Trusted by hundreds of brands.

Marketing challenges for brands entering China.

Lack of market knowledge

You have limited knowledge about the China market, and its digital media landscape. You are unsure how large your target audience is in China, where you can reach them, or how expensive it is to reach them.

High cost, high risk

To get started promoting your products and brand in China, it seems you have to either hire local marketers, or use a traditional agency. Both options carry high risk, and are expensive to start with and switch out.

Takes time to build trust

You wish to apply some learnings from international market to China, but it is so different. It takes times to build trust, both for customers to trust you as a new brand, and for you to trust local partners. approach for brands entering China.

Unlock China market with an advertising platform built for brands entering China.

Our all-in-one advertising platform bridges the gap between your brand and the unfamiliar China market, by enabling you to research your target audience and advertising ROI in China before making any investment.

Plan for the market

Reach the market

Learn from the market

Why so many brands entering China trust

All-in-one platform

Plan keywords, audience and ad budget, before creating ads on channels like WeChat, Baidu, etc. View reports across multiple channels all in one place.

Familiar user interface

Built on what's familiar to international marketers, enables you to create an ad on WeChat and Baidu, just like you do on Facebook and Google.

Lower cost, lower risk

Compared to hiring a China team or agency, offers a new solution for new brands in China to easily start advertising and getting sales without high upfront cost.

Transparent pricing

You can purchase all types of marketing services in our marketplace at a fixed cost, and you can advertise on 10 Chinese media channels on at a SaaS price.

Trusted by 500+ new brands

New brands in China trust our technology in bringing them high ROI during their early stage in China, as well as our market expertise in providing all the supporting services.

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See How This Sport Nutrition Brand Increased ROI in China by 85% in 3 Months with Douyin and Tmall Advertising.

To increase visits to their new Tmall store, and gain more purchases in China, the European sports nutrition supplement brand need to find the right channels for reaching their potential customers and build their brand awareness among the young sports lovers. Working with enabled them to combine advertising and content marketing to reach their audience, and achieve Tmall store purchases at a much lower than industry average cost per conversion.

“We’ve been able to expand our sales into China and lower our cost per lead by 12% because of the localised campaigns we could not have implemented without”
Waldo S.
Business Development Director

1 million

Audience reached with WeChat advertising


Lower cost per lead than industry average

Top 5

Ranked in top 5 search results on Baidu

Advertising Solution for Brands Entering China

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