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Set up, manage, and optimise Baidu search ads in English with, an all-in-one advertising platform for China, and capture your ideal customers.

Customers trusting

700 million Chinese customers are searching for your product, are you here?

Get seen by millions of potential customers

As the no.1 search engine in China, Baidu, seen as the Google of China, has 200 million daily active users.

Build your brand in world's largest market with PPC campaigns

Get more exposure for your brand in China and build a group of loyal followers in the world's largest market.

Increase your sales revenue in China

Get in front of your ideal customers who are searching for your product on Baidu and see the revenue flowing.

Yet Baidu advertising is made only for Chinese marketers.

Only available in Chinese

Baidu's original advertising platform is only available in the Chinese language, making it impossible for international marketers to use.

Very complex platforms

Adapted to the complex Chinese online ecosystem, Baidu's original advertising platform is very difficult for international marketers to navigate.

High cost, low transparency

Traditionally, to run Baidu PPC ads, you have to either have a Chinese team, or hire a Chinese marketing agency, both of which are pricey.

Introduce the easiest way to advertise on Baidu.

Easy Setup. Keyword Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

English platform

From campaign creation to reporting, everything is in English.

Keyword planner

Check bidding price, competition, and estimated impressions for your keywords.

Ad copy support

Unsure about keywords or copy? Contact us to get the support you need.

Location targeting

Choose the locations in China you'd like to run search campaigns towards.

Campaign scheduling

Set the dates and time of the day you would like your search campaign to run.

Keyword report

Get realtime reports for your keywords & see which ones perform the best.

For agencies

Offer Chinese marketing service to your customers

Earn more whilst saving on costs. Delivering Baidu ad services to your customers, without a Chinese team.

Attract new customers with Chinese marketing service

China is the largest market in the world. Capture new clients by expanding your offerings to include Chinese ads.

Managing Baidu ads as easy as managing Google ads

Designed to fit your current way of working, in English, makes Baidu ads as easy as Google or Facebook ads.

For companies

Run Baidu ads by yourself just like running Google ads

Made to fit your familiar way of working, in English. Finally running Baidu ads is as easy as running Google or Facebook ads with

Test your product in China with lower cost and lower risk makes it as easy and safe to test your products in China as it is with Google and Facebook internationally.

PPC agency expertise at SaaS price

With, it's like having a Chinese ad agency all to yourself, for the simple price of one software subscription.


Build traction in China with Baidu search advertising

Get started to see for yourself why both Enterprise and SME customers use to bring their brands to Chinese Consumers. Set up a Baidu account and claim your position in China’s search results.

See in Action

Tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll connect you with a Chinese marketing expert to show you possibilities of advertising in China using our platform.

Estimated Audience Size

Audience Targeting

Control Over Campaign Data

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