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Advertising on Baidu has never been easier. Set up your first Baidu ad with, the all-in-one advertising platform for China, and bring your brand to the right people.

Some of the customers trusting

Why you should advertise on Baidu.

% mobile search market share

No.1 search engine in China

million daily active users

Gigantic user base

billion mobile devices reached

Massive mobile reach

Where to advertise on Baidu?

Use Display Ads if...

Use Search Ads if...

What is Baidu display ad?

Like native content

Blended with organic content, display ads look like normal content, encouraging users to click and read.

Accurate targeting

Reach your next customers based on their Baidu searches, targeting keywords and interests.

Lower cost

Baidu display ads are even more affordable than search ads, and the audience reach is massive. makes it easy to run Baidu display ads.

Easy Setup. Granular Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

Reach future customers in just a few steps.

With, you can set up in-feed ads in Baidu app and Baidu Tieba (Forum) app in just a few steps, with our full-English platform designed specifically for international users.

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Target customers, fans and decision makers.

Whether you need to reach  a very specific audience, or find your true fans in China,’s granular targeting options enables you to speak directly to your future customers, and even learn more about their interests and behaviours.

Know which of your ads is driving impact.

You need to know where your Baidu ads perform the best, and which audience are most engaged. Use’s advanced reporting dashboard to create your best advertising strategy in China.

Comparison of different ways to advertise on Baidu

For agencies

Offer Chinese marketing service to your customers

Earn more while saving on costs. Delivering Baidu advertising services to your customers, without a Chinese team.

Attract new customers with Chinese marketing service

China is the largest market in the world. Capture new clients by expanding your offerings to include Chinese ads.

Managing Baidu ads as easy as managing Google or Facebook ads

Designed to fit your current way of working, in English, makes Baidu ads as easy as Google or Facebook ads.

For companies

Run Baidu ads by yourself just like running Google or Facebook ads

Made to fit your familiar way of working, in English. Finally running Baidu ads is as easy as running Google or Facebook ads with

Test your product in China with lower cost and lower risk makes it as easy and safe to test your products in China with Baidu as it is with Google and Facebook internationally.

Agency expertise at SaaS price

With, it's like having a Chinese ad agency all to yourself, for the simple price of one software subscription.

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