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Reach the right Chinese B2B buyers and grow your revenue in China. makes it easy for international B2B businesses to advertise in China, build up brand awareness, drive quality traffic, convert them to qualified leads, and gain customers in China.

Some of the customers trusting

It is extremely challenging for international B2B companies to gain customers in China.

No access to China market

You might work with an international agency or have a marketing team in-house, but neither of them have access to the China market.

Dependent on Expos only

You are heavily reliant on attending exhibitions and expos to get leads. But these events are very luck-based, and the amount you can attend is limited.

Blindly rely on JV in China

You might have a JV in China who's in charge of marketing and sales, but it can be difficult for international team to know what's being done in China.

Medical component company boosted its presence in Chinese B2B market

When expanding their global marketing campaign into China, the medical tech company and their global agency needed Chinese expertise. Through working with, they met and exceeded their sales goals with localised advertising and marketing campaigns.

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Easy Setup. Keyword Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

Introduce the easiest way to reach the right buyers in China.

Build a powerful lead funnel in China.

Having a powerful lead funnel that drives you relevant traffic automatically, and convert them into qualified leads.

Increase your brand awareness in China through advertising. Get the traction in the market and stand out from local and international competitors.

Going to events and aiming to meet Chinese buyers? Promote your B2B events through advertising to scale the effectiveness of the events.

Get your brand in front of the right buyers.

With’s powerful targeting options for B2B sector, you are able to target just the right audience, whether they are senior management, purchasing managers, or project leaders. Get your brand in front of these potential buyers and see the leads flowing in.

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Multiply your marketing efforts in China.

Through, you can easily create ad campaigns on top 15 Chinese media channels, all in one place, saving you hundreds of hours and thousands worth of manpower. Test different channels efficiently to find out which are the best for reaching your B2B buyers in China.

Get transparency from the work of your team or your agency.

You need to know what’s being done by your in-house team, your agency, or your partner in China. With, you are able to see real-time results of all your ad campaigns in China, all the one dashboard, in English. 

Reach the right buyers in China today

Join hundreds of other international B2B businesses, and start driving qualified leads from China today 

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