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It can be very challenging for mobile apps and games to attract users in China.

Lack of cultural adaption

You need to not only localise your app or game for the Chinese users, but also attract users with the channels they are on and the language they speak.

No access to Google Play

Google Play doesn't work in China. And China has hundreds of Android app store. It's difficult to pick the right store to publish and market your app.

Highly competitive market

Massive market size means there's more competition, both from Chinese apps and games, and other international ones. It's challenging to stand out from the crowd.

For iOS apps

  • Apple’s App Store is available in China
  • iOS apps can start selling right away through App Store​
  • Connect your app to and start promoting right away

For Android apps

  • Google Play is blocked in China
  • Android apps need to be published on Chinese Android app stores
  • You can publish & promote your app with

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