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Without Analytics

With Analytics

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Leverage the power of our dashboard to track the performance of each channel and allocate budget in top-performing one.

  • Compare the performance of channels, ad groups, and creatives.
  • See comparison between any metrics and timeframes.

Double down on top-performing keywords and learn about your Chinese customers with powerful Baidu Keyword Reports. Pulled directly from China’s most popular search engine.

Understand your audience by breaking down performance to the province, city and gender, across channels. Learn which region performs best to focus your marketing activities.

Compare campaigns within and across channels. Find perfect combination and get the highest possible return of your existing campaigns. 

Track the performance of each channel and allocate budget to the top-performing one.

  • Track ad spend and ROI across 12+ channels.
  • See a comparison between any 2 metrics
  • Understand your audience profiles’ (location, gender, age)

  • See keyword performance

Reports unified with your global marketing standards

Data visualised to provide insights, not churn

Save hours each week by analyzing the information you need with ease

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Easily understand your data with visualized charts, maps, and tables.

Unlock your brands' full potential in China with data & consulting solutions

Leverage data insights with expertise services of our success delivery team in Shanghai to get the most from your China marketing dollars.

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