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Boost your marketing efficiency and increase your profits in China. makes it easy for marketing and advertising agencies to  offer better Chinese advertising services to your international clients, and increase your profit margins at the same time.

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Growing profit margin as an agency can be extremely challenging.

Offering Chinese ad services, but not able to do it efficiently

Your team need to constantly juggle between multiple Chinese advertising channel platforms to run campaigns and create reports for your clients.

Offering Chinese ad services, but with high operation costs

Due to the complex ecosystem of Chinese advertising, your team is over-worked, and in need of more manpower, which challenges your profit margin.

Not able to offer Chinese ad service without a Chinese team

You have received requests from clients to deliver ads Chinese market, but without an in-house China team, you are simply unable to offer such services.

Introduce the easiest way to offer Chinese advertising services to your clients.

Easy Setup. Keyword Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

Increase your profit margin with Chinese ad services.

Transform the way your team works, and manage projects on multiple Chinese advertising channels all from one platform.

Spend less time juggling between multiple Chinese ad platforms, and more time providing value to your clients by running campaigns and exporting reports all from one platform.

Drive quality traffic to your clients’ business, and offer full transparency in your services from campaign setup to campaign reporting.

Manage 10 top Chinese channels on one platform.

Your team can create, launch and analyse campaigns across 15 top Chinese media channels all in one easy-to-use English dashboard, saving you hundreds of hours and thousands worth of manpower.

Create an account in to see the platform for yourself.

Target the right Chinese audience & bring quality traffic to your clients.

Whether you need reach audience in B2B or B2C sector, for education or hospitality, for building brand or driving sales,  you can utilise AdChina’s granular targeting options to advertise to the right people.

Driving quality traffic and deliver good results for your clients.

See campaign results across multiple channels in one place.

You can easily compare campaign results across different channels in one place. 

See and export real-time results of your ad campaigns on 10 top Chinese media channels, in an English dashboard. 

Grow your profit margin with today.

Join hundreds of other marketing and advertising agencies, and start increasing your profits today. 

Digital advertising agency from UK
Digital advertising agency from UK
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"We had many requests from clients to advertise their business in China. But with China expertise in-house, we were never able to do that, until we found It opened a new door for our business. The platform simplified the Chinese advertising for us. Now we are able to provide Chinese advertising service to our clients."
Chinese marketing agency from Canada
Chinese marketing agency from Canada
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"We are an agency offering Chinese marketing services to Canadian companies. Lack of manpower has always been an issue for us. With, we are able to manage campaigns 2x faster than the old way. We're also able to deliver reports across different channels to our clients much easier and faster." for Agencies

Start growing your efficiency and profits today.