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The platform gives you full control over your advertising in China and transparent access to spendings just like Facebook Ads. It’s 100% in English with built-in translations. You don’t need an agency anymore.

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Are you looking for a way to outsource advertising in China? Our team will do all work for you while giving full access to real-time reports via the platform, so there’s no guesswork involved.

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Feature Media Buying Agency
Real-Time Reporting
Full control and optimization
Access to advertising tools
Initial budget required 0$ Depending on agency
Number of channels 14+ Limited channels depending on the agency
Support Dedicated support team in China Depending on Account Manager
Localisation Service Built-in automated translation Available at extra cost

What our customers said when we asked them how was advertising in China with

Agencies didn’t fit for us, because we are niche and need to reach specifically our target audience.

An easy way to advertise in China. It was almost impossible before. Needed a lot of things we couldn’t have, like Chinese phone number.

Through platform, we were able to run advertising campaigns on WeChat, Toutiao, Douyin, and Xigua video, quickly we found douyin is the best channel for us to reach our customers, and drive sales for our brand. allows us the control over budget and spending.


Takes away the hassle from getting started advertising in China.


We know that you want to make an informed decision so we provide all the information, upfront.

The best value for your marketing spendings in China



$0/m -
  • No access to advertising
  • Keyword research 5/day
  • Bulk keyword research 5/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 3/day
  • Audience research 3/day


$49/m -
  • No access to advertising
  • Keyword research 500/day
  • Bulk keyword research 500/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 250/day
  • Audience research 250/day


$59/m + 20% ad spend
  • Advertise on all channels
  • Keyword research 800/day
  • Bulk keyword research 800/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 350/day
  • Audience research 350/day


$99/m + 12.5% ad spend
  • Advertise on all channels
  • Keyword research 1,200/day
  • Bulk keyword research 1,200/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 450/day
  • Audience research 450/day


$349/m + 10% ad spend
  • Advertise on all channels
  • Keyword research 1,500/day
  • Bulk keyword research 1,500/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Audience research 600/day
  • Ad spend planner 600/day
  • API export of reports


$699/m + 7.5% ad spend
  • Advertise on all channels
  • Keyword research 2,000/day
  • Bulk keyword research 2,000/day
  • Keyword manager
  • Ad spend planner 800/day
  • Audience research 800/day
  • API export of reports

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