Advertise and measure results in China just like in any other market

Improve your marketing ROI with the only advertising platform for international brands in China.

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Advertise where your
customers are

Stop wasting time and money on unknown or ineffective advertising channels. Start advertising on China’s top channels in minutes. Find the combination of channels that work best for your brand.

Track your Chinese campaigns in real-time

View Chinese advertising campaign data across 15+ channels on our reporting dashboard. Analyze campaigns results to make more informed decisions about allocating your advertising budget.

Optimize and improve your ROI

Our reporting dashboard pulls data from all the top China advertising platforms into one place. In addition, all our reports are in English to save your time spent translating the information yourself.

Advertising in China made Transparent Efficient Multichannel offers a transparent view of all your ad spending in China and its results. Use the platform for advertising on the top 15+ channels with our advanced reporting, targetting and optimizing tools for each channel.

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Tackle complexity of

advertising in China with

Byte Dance
Baidu Display
Tencent News
Tencent Video
Baidu Search


Setup advertising accounts and launch your first campaign across 12+ channels from our user-friendly and self-serve platform. You can use our precise targeting tools to reach every media channel’s niche targeting groups.


Our platform pulls data directly from channels every 30 seconds. This means that you can follow up on the performance of your ads and campaigns anytime.  Furthermore, you can access many more functions of our platform to better target your customers.

Efficiency gives you easy access to all channels and a complete outlook on reporting in one place. With our experts’ help, you can optimize & localize your advertising through our platform. Expand beyond advertising, reach out to your target audience, launch a KOL campaign and consult the strategy to level up your brand.

Planning your marketing campaigns in China has never been easier

Check our market research toolkit and make informed decisions about Chinese marketing

One-Stop-Shop Solution

to break through The Great Firewall

Manage your marketing efforts on different Chinese advertising platforms on our dashboard and run cross-channel campaigns at ease.

Get supporting services such as opening ad account, building landing page and registering Chinese website so that you don’t struggle alone with the changing guidelines.

With you can get started with China advertising with a minimum budget. We only charge a fixed fee for using the platform and a percentage of your monthly ad spend.

With, you can start advertising in China with a low ad spend and increase your investment when your China ad campaigns start driving results.

Our dashboard provides real-time access of your ad campaign data and analytics so that you have complete control, without relying on any third-party.

Our operations team based in Shanghai has all the knowledge and experience needed to optimise your campaigns for the China market.

Get your products in front of 1.4 Billion Chinese Customers

Estimate your market size and plan your advertising in China with our free tools.

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