Top Apps in China (Historical)

Top apps in China
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    On this page, you’ll find an archived list of all past data on the top apps in China?


    Because it can be useful to see who the major players are and to get a sense of their staying power over the medium-long term. It helps you to distinguish between flavour-of-the-month apps and those with staying power. 

    When it comes to advertising, some particular industries and niches might get better results using trendy, new channels. Typically however, it’s the biggest Chinese apps that can stand the test of time which deliver the best results. After all, it’s where users spend most of their time.

    This data should help to serve as a useful guide for you in determining which advertising apps are top-tier, and which other apps have performed strongly in China. Useful information if you’re developing an app!

    We endeavor to keep this updated as frequently as our source releases data. If you’d like to see the latest month’s data, see a breakdown of the current top apps in China, and learn more about them, be sure to check out this post.

    January 2019

    PositionNameCategoryActive Users
    1WeChatMedia / Social83.59%
    2QQMedia / Social64.01%
    3TaoBao Mobile Ecommerce 58.35%
    4Baidu Media / Tool 50.12%
    5iQiyi Media / Video48.03%
    6Tencent VideoMedia / Video 47.97%
    7KuaishouMedia / Video 46.92%
    8DouYin Media / Micro blog46.58%
    9Toutiao Media / News 41.16%
    10AutoNaviNavigation 40.36%

    December 2019

    PositionNameCategoryActive Users
    1WeChatMedia / Social83.47%
    2QQMedia / Social63.15%
    3TaoBao Mobile Ecommerce 57.58%
    4Baidu Media / Tool 48.40%
    5Tencent Video Media / Video 45.23%
    6iQiyi Video 44.63%
    7DouYin Media / Video 41.36%
    8AutoNavi Navigation 38.89%
    9Sogou Input Utility 38.13%
    10WeiboMedia / Micro blog 36.66%

    November 2019

    PositionNameCategoryActive users
    1WeChatMedia / Social83.61%
    2QQMedia / Social62.57%
    3TaoBao Mobile Ecommerce 57.48%
    4Baidu Media / Tool 49.16%
    5Tencent Video Media / Video 45.99%
    6iQiyi Video 44.23%
    7DouyinMedia / Video 42.10%
    9Sogou InputUtility38.13%
    10YoukuMedia / Video 36.84%

    October 2019

    PositionNameCategoryMAU (million)Change
    1WeChatMedia / Social10240.73%
    2QQMedia / Social709-0.64%
    4TaoBaoMobile Ecommerce6903.70%
    5DouYinMedia / Video3763.03%
    6BaiduMedia / Tool299-2.81%
    7PinDuoDuoMobile Ecommerce2664.90%
    8iQiyi Video2533.94%
    9Weibo Media / Micro blog 2530.19%
    10WiFi Master KeyUtility228-%
    Chinese app store advertising

    September 2019

    PositionNameCategoryMAU (million)Change
    1WeChatMedia / Social1016-0.02%
    2QQMedia / Social715-0.21%
    4TaoBaoMobile Ecommerce6660.29%
    5DouYinMedia / Video365-5.47%
    6BaiduMedia / Tool308-2.91%
    7PinDuoDuoMobile Ecommerce2536.30%
    8WeiboMedia / Micro blog2530.28%
    10ToutiaoMedia / News232-3.60%
    Popular Chinese social media and other apps
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